Pivotal Business Lessons From a Street Vendor


It was drizzling that night in Panchkula when I had a sudden craving for Non -Veg, Mutton to be precise. So, I decided to give this new street vendor a try since my uncle had recommended him strongly. It was a moving van which sold Tandoori Non-Veg items like Fish, Mutton and Chicken. I went there and enquired about the menu. The owner, who was himself working inside the Van, very politely described the items he sold, with a smile on his face. He also asserted that his items are always fresh and he doesn’t compromise on quality. So, I decided to give Mutton Seekh Kabab a try. Meanwhile, the maid had prepared Bhindi and Baigan ka Bharta at home so I decided to get one gravy item packed too. I asked whether there was something in the gravy category. He had Mutton and Chicken. Before I could utter further, he took a small bowl and poured some chicken (with gravy) and offered me to taste it. I could never have refused, given the foodie I am. I not only liked the dish but also felt morally obliged to order it as I had tasted it for free. So, I ordered Chicken (with Gravy) along with Mutton Seekh Kabab. The order amounted to 310, the guy asked 300 from me. As soon as the parcel arrived, I was ready to leave for home. This guy stopped me and quickly handed over his card to me and said,” Agli baar ghar pe hi mangva lena, free delivery ho jayegi”. This further left me amazed and dwelled in some pivotal management lessons we must learn!

  1. Customer is the KingHe knew that I was a first timer at his van and he made sure that he greeted me with a smile, behaved patiently with me and ensured that I come again.
  2. A little Extra Goes a Long Way: When he offered me the chicken to taste, I couldn’t refuse it and I felt obligated to order it. This is one hell of a smart selling move.
  3. Small Discounts Help: By charging 300 instead of 310, he only lost rupees 10 but he made me a loyal customer for the years to come. This is what we call delighting the customer.
  4. Convenience is the Key: By offering a home delivery service, he ensured that he doesn’t lag behind his competitors. Despite owning a Mini Van, he could offer all the services which top restaurants offer.
  5. Importance of Hard Work: Despite being the owner of a popular Non-Veg selling Food Van, he ensured that he himself sweats it out to set a precedent for his workers. Through this he ensured that he is not dependent on anybody to collect money and also able to develop long term relation with the customers. His physical presence also meant that there is no compromise on the quality of food they offer.

Needless to say, I regularly order food from this Van from the comfort of my home. Maybe, today’s management generation can learn a thing or two from this simple man. 


PS: The Van I am talking about is Patiala Eating Point, at Sector 14 Main Market, Panchkula.

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Vardhan Parashar (UBS, PU Campus)

Still trying to understand myself. Love to share philosophy. Accidental writer. Believe in winning hearts. If I call you my friend, I mean it. Can play the guitar after a few drinks!


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