Pink- A Mirror of our Society


Her clothes do not define her.

A smile is not a hint.

Being friendly does not make her characterless.

And most of all, No means NO.

With a title so unassuming, Pink is a movie that moves you to tears, outrage and most of all, sadness. Sadness over the state of our society and the archaic and regressive thinking of certain people around us.

The movie follows the story of Falak, Andrea and the “accused”, Minal Arora, as they find their lives getting trapped in a web spun by Rajvir and his friends who will stop at nothing in order to satisfy their ego. Deepak Sehgal (aka Amitabh Bachchan) comes as a beacon of hope for the girls when he decides to come out of retirement in order to help them.

The movie does not sugar coat or shy away from the harsh reality. It neither portrays the girls as superhumans who can stand against anything, nor does it potray them as weaklings, who cower against the strong. The pain that Minal goes through, the daily harassment of the Meghalaya dwelling Andrea and the humiliation faced by Falak are incidents that can and probably do happen to girls around.

This is one of the best movies so far this year, serving as not just a reminder, but as a warning of the pitiful state of our society where money and power tend to rise above all. The gripping storyline, hard-hitting dialogues and power packed performance by the entire cast make this a gem of a movie. So, in case you haven’t already, get going and watch as three girls truly demonstrate the power of Pink !



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