Photowalk Captures Myriad Hues In Leisure Valley


Pixels, the photography Club of DAVC, Sector 10, Chandigarh launched a photowalk in the morning of 17th November 2016, in collaboration with ‘Nikon’. The photowalk was basically a photography competition in which participants from Pixels as well as PU Mirror took part.

Photo-Credit: Ramandeep Saini (DAV College 10)

Photo-Credit: Ramandeep Saini (DAV College 10)

The photowalk took place in the Leisure Valley. All the photographers used their skills to get the perfect shot. The photographers were asked to put the basic knowledge given to them in the previous session- Nikon Workshop. All the photographers did quite well under the morning light. Ms. Seema Chaudhary, the club co-ordinator of Pixels was invited as the guest of honour. She addressed the audience stating that photography is the art of seeing what seems invisible to the eyes of other. She added, ‘it is to see beyond physical eye and to connect with the eyes of soul immortalise the movement, forever.’


Photo-Credit: Ramandeep Saini (DAV College 10)

She then congratulated all the participants and announced the winners of the photography competition. First prize was given to Sahil Maurya, followed by Shrishti Millicent. The third prize was a tie between Dinesh Thakur and Manik Kamra. Vinayak Sharma, the founder of Pixels was presented with a bouquet of thankfulness for organising such a ecstatic event in the college. He then announced that more such events would take place in the coming future to bring out the very-talented photographer. The winners received gift hampers from Uber, Super Donuts and Nikon.

In a nut shell, the photography event was a hit.

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