‘Phoenix 2017’: An Amalgamation of Dance, Drama and Technology


With the last minute preparations coming to an end, the curtain for the technical and cultural inter-college fest of GGDSD College, Sector 32 Chandigarh- ‘Phoenix 2017’ was raised with the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, through a Saraswati Vandana. ‘Phoenix’ was organized by the Post Graduate Department of IT on the March 22nd, 2017 which featured many interesting technical events such as ‘Web Weaving’, ‘Fixit’, ‘Typometro’, ‘IT Pradarshan’, LAN Gaming: Counter Strike, Band Bash and much more, apart from the cultural events. Students from more than 15 colleges participated in these events.

Principal of GGDSD College, Dr. Bhushan Kumar Sharma was invited to light the lamp to mark the beginning of the event. Addressing the audience, he said, “I appreciate the efforts of the students in attracting sponsors for the event, and the maximum effort was made by this department.” The chief guest for the day, Jitender Yadav (IAS, Director-Higher Education and Director-Information Technology, U.T. Administration), too spoke kind words. The other special guests were Mandeep Singh (IRS, Assistant Commissioner-Excise and Taxation) and Ranjiv Verma (Deputy General Manager, Central Bank of India).

The show started with the singing competition, followed by the traditional dance competition which had participants grooving to Punjabi beats. The hosts made sure that the audience was involved in the show throughout. Fillers included solo singing and dance performances. Soon after, the modeling competition began, the models captivating the audience with their charm. ‘IT Quest‘, an IT quiz was also conducted.

RJ Abhimanyu from 92.7 BIG FM, who’s a pass out of GGDSD College (IT Deptt.) joined in and livened up the afternoon with his jamming sessions. He was the youngest RJ in India at the age of 16. Another star attraction was Harp Farmer who was there to promote his upcoming movie, ‘Kawela’.

Later on the results were announced while everyone waited for the star performance of the day. The results were followed by the Principal’s address marking the close of all cultural and technical events.

The audience swayed to the blithe and grooving performance by a Punjabi music band “The Landers”.

Apart from the events, there was a lot of vigor in the stall area. Various stalls comprising food, games, education, etc. had been put up. A stall by PU Mirror was also put up, which showcased the monthly print edition of the PU Mirror Newspaper.

“Working in the fest was a great learning experience. All the teachers and organizers were very helpful and it was great working with all of them”, Anurag, one of the organizers said. The IT Fest drew to an end on a cheerful note, and the hard work of all the people involved was evident through the success of the event.

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Prerna Aggarwal (SD College 32)

Prerna Aggarwal (SD College 32)

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Ranjam Chawla (SD College 32)

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