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Yet another thriller by Kabir khan,phantom starrs Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif. The movie starts when phantom,the-secretly alive-deserted in the hills-ex soldier is found by some officials of RAW.They ask him to kill all the “villians” who were involved in the attacks of 26/11. Danyal khan(saif) being an arrogant hero ofcourse declines the offer at first. Then just because his father doesn’t speak from the other end of the phone, he shaves his rich beard. He says yes for the mission.
Now handsome and transformed saif is given the famous Indian presentation on the villains one by one. Next we see him in London watching games where he meets his oh-so-perfect fellow agent nawaaz(katrina) .She helps him to get to Hafiz saeed through the lighter trick. After he is dead,plot twists and we find danyal khan in jail. He sweeps the floor, like 20 times and the weird looking guy drinks the shower water and dies of it in the most dramatic way.
Next he illegally enters Pakistan, accompanied by Katrina.There are some endless illogical events before they do some heavy duty action.
They finally assasinate two more scums,(too-slow-for-a-thriller). And as if Pakistani police is limbless,they hop into a boat from Karachi.
A seemingly coward but brave RAW officer is sent to fetch the hero and the heroine mid way between India and Pakistan. The Indian navy and the RAW guy cannot go beyond Pakistan boundaries and thus use navigation system for this.The submarine magically emerge from water. Danyal is dead by getting hit by a bullet and he sinks so they leave him and take katrina along.All the navy officers salute, to-shocked-to-speak, katrina slowly and steadily.
Nawaaz reaches TAJ, Mumbai ,where she finds people celebrating the death of villains of the attack.An excerpt being an old vendor offering her free tea. To fulfill danyal’s last wish she asks him to make it for two.The movie ends with her holding tea in both hands.
The plot of phantom was incomplete and irrelevant but at the same time entertaining.

Popcorn were good too.

It is a must watch movie to understand how India can take a revenge from the people who were involved in the furious act.


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