PGGCG 11: Hum Hain Organises Charity Event


PGGC(G), Sector 11, Chandigarh witnessed it’s 7th 2-day fund raising charity event, ‘Joy of Giving’ on September 26, 2017. It started at around 10:00 A.M. The first day started with an energy burst by the girls who were noticeably active at various stalls put up by them. This event was organized by ‘HUM HAIN’ organization of the college that focuses on gender equality and non-discrimination among people. Ms. Iqbal Judge (H.O.D English and head of the organization) reported how the society’s fund raising event transmutes each year to a much advanced and better level. This event is being conducted since the last 6 years in which the first 2 years were in collaboration with GOONJ (an international NGO).

Miss Iqbal Judge proudly cited, “It gives us great pleasure to work for a noticeable change in our society. The best thing is it’s an all girl’s initiative which gives them the exposure and a feeling of utmost importance as their skills are developed on a much deeper level.” She further said that last year the funds were given to Kashmiri immigrants and this year 50% will go to an NGO which works on poverty and 50% to the college scholarship.

Most of the stalls consisted of hand-made items made by the girls, such as hand-made cookies, jewellery, paper craft, etc. There was also a stall of second hand clothes which were provided at very reasonable rates. Ishita Sarkar, one of the main organizers of the event said– “Usually girls get restricted only to home due to the fixed mind-set of the world, we (Hum Hain) give them the opportunity to empower their talents in a much more positive way, so they march ahead with a very positive attitude.

Parul one of the members proved this point by sharing her own experience of how being from a small town like Shimla affected her and how this society and these events have helped her in shaping her personality, “I am a much more confident woman, I can present myself more clearly now and at the same time make an impact on the society and empower more people”.

Next up ‘Joy of Giving’ saw the presence of the guest of honour, actor and anchor Bhavdeep Romana. He congratulated the entire team and the principal for their valent and sound effects for bringing a change in the society. He said, “I am happy to be part of such a good cause. Our main aim here is to collect maximum funds for the betterment of the world. Let’s empower the needy with the resources and move towards a more peaceful society”. He further contributed to each stall and in the end made a lasting impact by his dance. He also announced the winners of the lucky draw who were,

  • 1st prize– Deepshikha, who was awarded a watch,
  • 2nd prize– Priya, who was awarded a T-shirt,
  • 3rd prize- Shruti, who was awarded a cushion cover; and
  • A consultation prize to Rishika, in the form of a dairy.

There was also a modelling competition in which 22 candidates participated and were put to test through 4 highly competitive rounds. The first round was that of a ramp walk, the second being the introduction phase, the third was the talent round and the last round in which Simran was declared as the winner and given a crown. The other winners were Swaranshi and Kanika and a consolation prize was backed by Hiteshi.

The day ended with an energetic blast of free dancing!

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Debashish Bindra (DAV College 10)

A work in progress, interests are very diverse, serving humanity is the topmost goal of my life.




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Lavish Tageja (PGGC 11)

Dheeraj Rathore (DAV College 10)


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