PGGC Strikes At Drug Abuse With Human Chain


The Society for Creating Awareness Against Drug Abuse (SCAADA) and the Cinnamon Club of the Post Graduate Government College (PGGC) organized a ‘Human Chain Formation’ on November 16th, 2016 to spread awareness regarding drug-abuse. Dr. Saroj Sharma Nagpal (Convener, SCAADA) and Prof. Kirandeep Dhillon (Convener, Cinnamon Club) were the head in-charge. The faculty involved included Dr. Jitendra Gond, Dr. Ritu Sekhri, Dr. Paramleen Kaur, Prof. Rajgopal Lamba and Prof. Anu Gupta along with Kiran and Dheeraj Siwach, students of (1st year).

The students assembled in the college with the faculty where the principle of the college, Dr. JK Sehgal thanked the organisers for this initiative. While addressing the crowd, he said that the idea behind this was to create awareness about drug abuse among youths and that self-sentience against these is important.
The Chain was formed by 120 students, linked by the posters made by them. The chain covered the roundabouts of PGI and the college. This 120 people long array bearing the message and plea to shun drugs, was a striking site for the passersby.  The chain appeared like the aegis which will heal the addicts and prevent addiction to the drugs. The chain retreated, with a hope that this deed will clout peoples’ conscience to cherish a drug-free life or as one of the posters there said, ‘when you take drugs, your loved ones pay for it.’

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Niharika Rai  (PGGC 11)

Niharika Rai
(PGGC 11)

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