Another year. Another battle waged. Post Graduate Government College, Sector-11, stands like always, the perpetual guardian, witnessing the ups and downs, clash of strategies, wits, words and but of course youth enthusiasm through the annual campus elections.

This year, negotiations and heavy alliances made a big mark. To term it as a clash of titans, on one side stood the staggering six-party alliance of INSO+SOPU+SOI+NSUI+HPSU+HIMSU, and on the other hand the relatively self-sufficient PUSU-ABVP alliance. Apart from these, the college had another new, rather refreshing party – Shaheed Bhagat Singh Student’s Union (SBSU), which stood much like a brave ant in an elephant’s race.

And to the greatest of surprise in the history of PGGC-11 politics (there’s a reason why it’s the greatest), SBSU president Sombir Grewal, student of Physical Education department managed to tackle his counterparts without a single alliance, and was declared the President for the term 2015-2016.

The Result:-

President – Sombir Grewal (SBSU)

Vice President – Kunal Dange (INSO)

Secretary – Kunga Tamzin (HIMSU)

Joint Secretary – Ashpreet Kaur (NSUI)

The past month was witness to various speeches, panel announcements, student-leader interactions and manifesto releases that shaped the political scene of the college as a whole.  And finally the anticipation came to a standstill on the morning of 26th August.

The college was patrolled heavily by Policemen with lathis. Entry to the college was provided strictly on the basis of a College ID card. Poll booths were set up department wise, teachers and an accompanying police personnel was stationed at each of them. Party activists tried last minute strategies to woo the students by circulating panel pamphlets and voting codes.

The general air stayed calm yet tensed, up until the time of beginning of elections at 9:00am sharp. And that’s when the dark side of such political ventures began to show up. More students were seen scrambling across the corridors and gathering up in groups, than those casting their vote.

The most interesting, ironical and praise worthy fact being, SBSU still managed to win over its counterparts without buying a single vote, without a single alliance, or matter of fact without even spending any substantial amount on canvassing. Thus they can aptly be termed as one of the greatest surprises in PGGC-11 political history.

The commotion of money-for-votes reached a crescendo at 12, when finally students started giving up to any ‘deal’ available, lest they miss that too.  And finally it all appeared to settle down by 1:30 pm.

With all the ballots filled with the stamped political future of PGGC-11, the police took strict measures of completely evacuating the college premises to ensure smooth counting of votes. The three parties (the six-party mega-alliance, PUSU-ABVP and SBSU) along with their supporters gathered in a mass exodus right at the college gates. After much ado, the police split the parties into different sections to prevent any physical clashes. All parties stayed calm for those few moments when the counting began.

As the department-wise result came, the commotion erupted. Beginning with the Non-Medical department, PUSU-ABVP alliance cheered and raised slogans celebrating their lead, and as the next department’s result came, the six mega-party alliances cheered. This went on as respective department results were shuttled by a couple of students from the college gates to the respective parties.

Finally when the results came out, everyone, except SBSU stayed silent.

The result declared SBSU president Sombir Grewal as the winner of this year’s election, who was followed by Kunal Dange (INSO) as the Vice President, Kunga Tamzin (HIMSU) Secretary, Ashpreet Kaur (NSUI) as the Joint Secretary.

After the unofficial declaration, supporters carried their jubilant President inside the college after the gates re-opened.  The college Principal announced the winning panel, congratulating them on their victory, and officially flagged off the evening for celebrations and a year of peace and holistic development through college politics.


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