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The perks of being a modern fashionista are that you can wear almost anything and get away with it too. A wacky and mismatched attire will not only establish your presence but also fetch you the label of being artsy and chic.
All you need is confidence, a way with words and a perception which screams, fashion is an art. 

Majority of the population has the wrong notion that fashion and beauty are a sheer waste of time. They think that one has to dumb themselves down to stand a chance in this cut throat and ever changing world of fashion.

Fighting with them and trying to make them realize how colours and clothes come naturally to some people is like drinking pumpkin spice latte in spring. Ew. So Not In Vogue!

You can’t love fashion and not brace yourself for it’s downfall too. This realm is exhausting and one can’t simply keep up.

Occasionally, the fashionistas don’t get the best of, well, all the worlds and are left with a hole burning through their pocket. Even though Jesus would totally understand the importance of those Miu Miu sunglasses, your bank account won’t.

Stick to the following pointers and soon Picasso will take birth again just to get inspired by you. (Such false hope gets the world going)

  • Build Your Wardrobe:


Splurge on basic and solid essentials, they can make and break any ensemble. Owning basic styles and cuts in multiple colours will lay the foundation of your outfit and your wardrobe.

  • Invest In Various Types Of Shoes: 


Owning shoes of any style but in the basic staple colours that is black, white(ivory and cream) and nude(brown, beige, tan) will ensure success. CEO-level- you’ll slay all day-success.

With time and as your pocket allows- spend, save or splurge on different kinds of footwear. Invest in unique colours and patterns too. If your shoe game is on point, nothing can go wrong.

  • Learn To Sew And Stitch:


This talent will come in handy all the time. It sorted our grandmother’s life and will do the same to ours. A little tear here or a wardrobe malfunction can be mended and prevented, if you can nail the needle work magic.

  • Clean Your Wardrobe:


Urge from time to time, this shall help your conscience too. Get rid of old and worn out clothes. Make space for new indulgences. Don’t hoard, this habit will effect your psychology too. Make sure your closet is clutter free so that your clothes are placed properly and are never wrinkled.

  • Mix and Match:


It’s the key to success. Don’t be afraid, take a risk. Be creative, mix a salwar with a crop top or don’t. Don’t be rigid when it comes to shopping or wearing specific clothes. Have a flexible approach and don’t be shy, embrace your inner Lady Gaga.

  • ACCESS-them-ORIZE:


Any statement and striking piece can get your evening and the conversation going. Cocktail rings to scarves and bedazzled shoes. This section can help you complete your outfit or make it stand out.

Pro Tip 1- Experiment with your makeup. If you like any of the current trends or tricks, then master them.

Pro Tip 2- Don’t blindly follow the herd, have your own opinion and style. This is absolutely vital.

Pro Tip 3- Be more receptive, you can get inspired by nature too. Observe and absorb.

Pro Tip 4- Make sure you are happy. Happy people can pull off anything. Don’t let wearing something or dressing up tax your mind and cause you stress. That’s never the aim.

The world of fashion doesn’t require you to be trendy all the time. Let your personal style do all the talking quite effortlessly. For no one made it anywhere by playing safe.
World peace and loads of confidence

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