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So I was thinking about what to write next for our readers and I found myself wondering that what does a writer has to offer in a relationship that any other random person does not. What are the reasons that make dating a writer so much better (no, you don’t have to breakup with your non-writer significant other because of this). Writers are the most rowdy, brilliant, witty and charming persons you’ll ever meet and if you are lucky enough to date one, then you are going to enjoy these perks which would make you realize how awesome it is to date a writer!

1. They’ll read you like a book and then secretly write about you. How cool is that right? They would probably dedicate a piece of their work to you or would always want to write about how lovely your relationship is so that you could see how romantic they are. And also they think about you so much!

2. Writers are very romantic. They can flatter you with their words. Anytime and anywhere. Their language and words can enthrall you and sweep you off your feet. Ohh! The long random text messages are going to make your day. Trust me.

3. Writers are spontaneous. Wanna go for a short trip during weekdays? You are on! Because they can continue their work anywhere. They don’t have to go to the office from 9 to 5 and they are available most of the times. (But they also need their space when they are working on something! Shhh!)

4. Writers are great story-tellers. You’ll never be bored of them or their talks. Ever. They are so dreamy and creative.  (But mind that excuse about why they got late for your date. That might be a great story too! ) *remembers big fat liar*

5. Writers are easy to buy gifts for. They get happy with little things. Most of the writers are not in pursuit of money so they don’t want you to spend big bucks on them. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t spoil them. It’s just that they value thoughtfulness and love behind the gift more than materialistic stuff.

6. Writers will teach you cool new words. They love words and know how to play with them. When you are with a writer, you are going to stretch your mind and build your vocabulary. They can be irritating too sometimes when they keep on correcting your grammar (grammar nazi alert! )

7. Writers are smart and witty. Writers are well-educated and well-read people. Dating someone dumb ain’t fun for long but dating someone intelligent is always an interesting challenge.

So yeah, now you know how cool writers are. Waiting for what? Go on. Start dating a writer. Let love bloom.

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