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Admissions are around the corner, and as students you might be facing dilemmas on which courses to opt, which college to choose that suffices your needs. I’ll try to make it easy for you, by giving an insight on my college.

D.A.V.C helps the students to bring an all-round development in their personality, provided the students want to learn.  The college is recognized for its arts department where psychology, history and sociology are among the top-rated ones. The college also focuses on providing a practical experience to its science students.

 Some of the renowned courses are B.S.C (Biotech hons) with only 25 seats. B.SC (MEDICAL) and B.S.C (NON-MEDICAL) with 180 and 400 seats.  The medical labs and the recent clinical technology helps students avail a lucrative career in the corporate world. Dr. Raman Soni (Dean Admission) says- “In today’s competitive world, studies alone cannot help the students thrive. The various other co-curricular activities and practical experience in D.A.V ensure that students get a right insight and further cultivate themselves into good human beings.

The college also provides an integrated B.A/B.S.C-B.E.D with only 25 seats for each respectively which helps the student to save a year being the only college under P.U to provide the course. You can imagine the cut-throat competition for backing a seat in this prestigious institute.

The college also gives a good platform to the post graduate students. Recently the college introduced M.B.A being the only college under P.U to get an affiliation. The seats may vary according to the university rules. The other renowned courses include Masters in economics and psychology with 60 and 40 seats respectively.  Students have the option to pursue a postgraduate diploma too which helps them discover a new possibility in their careers.  The4 diploma offers 50-60 seats depending on the various conditions.

On the co-curricular front, the college has a N.S.S and a N.C.C department which helps the student to work directly under the government. This helps them to gain an understanding on the workings of the real life society. The college is also famous for the economic society which conducts large scale events every year. The women empowerment cell headed by Dr. Suman Bharti is also a very active endeavor. Reporting to us Dr. Bharti said- “From the past we have always seen that the growth of a society largely depends on the growth of woman. We conduct self- defense workshops, debates and seminars on a regular basis to instill among people a sense of respect towards the female gender which is rarely seen in society these days. Oppression against woman is continuously rising, we hope for a better society by empowering woman.” 

The college is a perfect place for students who are willing to expand their horizons not only on an academic upfront but in other areas of their personality. Wish you all the best!

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