More than a decade ago, Microsoft brought into the market Windows XP, which seemingly immortal, is still in use. Then came the unsound Vista, which was quickly followed by Windows 7 due to the duds of the former. And then came Windows 8, which wasn’t well received either, just like Vista. So, it seems as if the company likes to deliver periodically, thereby launching Windows 10 in the market, a few days ago, which indeed sounds promising.
The latest Windows’ edition comes with certain improvisations, tailored it to suit the traditional PC. Not just limited to the desktops, but also other devices such as laptops, tablets, smart phones and even Xbox, the company will let the developers to create a single app, which will work on each mentioned device and will inter-connect them. Another salient feature of the Windows is that Microsoft finally let go of the not-so-loved Internet Explorer. What more, the company installed a new well-functioning, light and fast default edge browser which IE could only dream of being!
One must be wondering if this new operating system is any good and gratifying in the ‘Game Zone’, eh ? Don’t worry, with the latest installed DirectX12 in the PC, this Windows will give a lot better gameplay. And oh, one more thing. It also allows you to stream games from your Xbox to PC without any lag.  Awesome, isn’t it? One of the finest developments in this latest edition is the Continuum. This lets Windows intellectually switch between different modes. That is, if Windows detects a device operating on keyboard and mouse, it’ll switch to the PC mode. Similarly on a tablet, the interface is optimized for fingers.
With the return of the Start menu, addition of new features like Cortana, Revamped Core Apps, Action Centre and many more, Microsoft strikes with Windows 10, assuring that this edition is all about balancing the demands of different users. So, the new Windows indeed looks profound in technicality and functionality and well, who knows, with time, this edition turns out to be revolutionary in this convoluted world of technology, which the previous versions Like Vista and Windows 8 failed to do so?

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