October-November are the months of lightening up, festivals and welcoming winters, which are just around the corner. So is the time of technical and cultural fests which are organized in various colleges and universities. One such festival, which is one of the most anticipated and celebrated fest of tri-city kicked off on 30th October, 2015. Yes, you guessed it right, the very own PEC-FEST 2015 came alive once more with an interesting line-up of events for the first day.

From ‘Netagiri’ to ‘Robo Wars’ to ‘Quiz’ to ‘Fusion band’, the organizers tried to cover the areas of cultural, technical and fine arts events and as it turned out, with a limited amount of sponsorship granted and funding, they didn’t disappoint the masses and participants at all. Fusion band, robo wars and dance competition were among the most venerated events for the day. Students from UIET, CCET and many other colleges and universities showed a large participation in all of the events which took place on the opening day. It was astonishing to see students from as far as Amity, Noida come to participate in the awaited event.

With this being said, and with more anticipating events in the lineup for the next two days, students are expecting it to be the most intriguing and celebrated event of the tri-city, just the way it’s been the previous two years.

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