Pashtun- Murg, Makhan And Love!


Pashtun (earlier Khyber), has been known since years to ravish taste buds of Chandigarhians and travelers with sizzling north Indian dishes. My father recounts taking my mother out for the first time to none other than this restaurant, ordering Murg Malai Tangri and now whenever we are done with the Chinese-Italian-Mexican cuisines of the city, we go there again.

The place has a different rustic charm altogether with the crockery, lighting, music and ambience. The artificial tree in the middle stands tall just like the restaurant’s reputation.

If you haven’t been to the city’s traditional baby, it’s a shame and you NEED to go there right away! It’s time to finally show off some great Murg Makhani and Mutton Rogan Gosht to your non-chandigarhian friends and old relatives who think “Hun changa khaana te kithe milda hi nai!”

Rana Dera Ismail Khan, one of the tantalizing dishes leaves you in complete awe wanting for more.Paneer Pashtuni and Dal Bukhara are dishes which will make you lick your fingers (Don’t shy away, we’ve all been there and done that)!

Not to forget, the rotis and naans.

Seriously? What’s the big deal in a ‘naan’?

I’m sorry but there is! Go and fetch one of the Butter Naans and let the butter and fresh flour melt into your mouth and create an overflow of flavors in a fraction of a second! Methi Laccha Pranthas also a craver!

Also, the buffet available at the Elante Mall isn’t much of a pleaser, so stick to A la Carte.

Go to Pashtun and fall in love with your roots all over again.

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