Panjab University To Start Open Book Examination With This Semester


Panjab University, Chandigarh has been an epitome of experimenting and adopting changes with the view to thrive for excellence. Keeping in view the same, the Jubli Senate has been planning to introduce an open book test from these semester exams, which are scheduled to take place in the month of December.

In an exclusive conversation with our correspondent, Mr. Know-all he said that, “Every year about 2000 students fail in their odd semester examinations; owing to which we have to invest multifold labour for their re-evaluation and re-appear exams. So, this year we are planning to introduce open book examination with a nominal fees of Rs. 150. After all, we cannot put at stake our additional source of income. We will officially announce this shortly.”

Open book examination shall help in evaluating the ability of a student to grasp knowledge and their IQ level. We are already very excited about it. Aren’t you?

Disclaimer – Do not believe us on #FakingNews, it is our own way of starting a rumor with some believably fake news. It’s time to study!

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Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

Bhavya Gaind
(SD College 32)

A stout believer of the doctrine of karma, and definitely an optimist. Bhavya suffers from a childhood syndrome, of laughing at serious situations and the same translates in her writings in the form of disastrous wit. Food, music and books are the definition of immense happiness.


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