Panjab University To Clear Compartments Without Examinations?


Exam season is the season of hard work and pressure for every student. As the exams hover over everybody’s head as great season of stress, Panjab University brings euphoric news for everyone. The authorities at PU have decided to clear all pending compartments without hosting an exam. The decision has been contrived to lower the stress level of the students and free them from state of panic.

According to the sources, the decision comes in the backdrop of a request letter filed by a student NGO, called ‘Bhavishya’, to Panjab University Student Council, which further pursued their request. The letter mentions various grievances of students who are experiencing test-o-phobia since the commencement of exams on December 2nd, 2017.  The president of the NGO, Daksh who also happens to be a student at DAVC College, sector 10 said, “Amidst the extreme pressure of the semester system and ongoing exam faced by the students this decision of the authorities to clear all their earlier compartments has resuscitated the energy and focus on current exams.

Albeit these changes are just temporary in nature, but it is a radical one. All the PU affiliated colleges will have forgoing the compartment exams, giving students impunity from extra pressure. It is being conveyed by the internal sources that, PU wants to give student more time for preparation for the current exams and enable them to be stress free during the days of examination. However, teaching staff of the various colleges expressed their dissent to this mind-boggling decision brought in by PU “Bringing an end to the compartment exams will serve as a demoralization for the students who worked extremely hard to pass the exams and would somewhat make already lazy students lethargic. 

The decision to clear compartments without examination reforms recently announced by the Panjab University points towards the fact that, PU is very much concerned about the mental state of a person as a student and therefore, seems to run the show with effect to humanization of the whole education environment.

Finally, it’s time for the student take a chill pill!

Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our Thursday section of believably fake news. We all are already irritated from the never ending examinations. Oh, God. By the way, all the best for your exams. It’s time to get back to study! 

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