Panjab University: Is the Financial Crisis Coming Again?


It is crucial for every University to make it to the list of ‘World-Class Universities’ through the financial assistance & goodwill that comes thereafter. This year, the Union government has formed an inter-ministerial group to rework a cabinet proposal that aimed to establish 20 world-class universities in India.

On September 13th, the nominations for the status were invited by the Central Government through University Grants Commission (UGC). The government on the basis of certain parameters will identify the institutes in the country and the best of them would be given the status of world-class institutions. But, crestfallen news came for Punjab University as it could not participate in the world-class universities competition due to its status of an inter-state body corporate. PU is the only university in the country which has a unique status of the inter-state corporate body, which means that it is neither a central university nor a state one.

The officials at PU were fretful over the development as last year they had written to UGC to include ‘Interstate body corporate’ in the draft application for competition. After hearing this news on Wednesday, Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the Panjab University, held a meeting and termed the UGC’s move as “grave error” by not amending conditions so that PU could participate. Director IQAC, Professor Rajiv Lochan, said to a leading daily, “It is a serious concern for the Panjab University and a worry for us now since the university can’t participate due to its status. It will impact us financially as well as image-wise. Also, according to Times Ranking, we’ve shown the best amount of research and deserved more.”

Last year we all witnessed a picture of the financial position of the University, which directly affected the fees structure of the University. The proposed rise of the fee by 600%, not only was a big hole in the student’s pocket but also enraged them to protest against the University authorities, which was as dirty as it could be.

The question, which arises here, is that, are we going to witness something similar to last year? Or, are the University authorities going to find a way out for the finical crisis, which seems to come up again? Let’s wait and watch.

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