Panjab University Hostels: No Power To Power Cut

Recently the writer stumbled upon an article that ranked Panjab University as the number one educational institute in our country. Feels good, right? There are quite a few other reliable sources which do not claim the same, although they do rank us amongst the finest institutions. But how we are inclined to believe that one good article!
Being a hosteler, one strongly connects to the vibes of PU. We literally call it our home. Our university has more than 20 hostels with a diligent faculty and management. However, beneath all the ranks and glimmer, there are certain issues which simply cannot be overlooked.
As the exams are around the corner so are the power cuts, be it the peak hours of noon or the hours of our midnight slumber. And it is just not about the lack of electricity in the rooms, but it connects to a much wider root. Due to the unavailability of power supply, the water pumps can’t work and as a result hostelers face dearth of water supply. This adds to the plight of the already tensed students who are busy preparing for their exams.
During the power cut, it is only the reception area which gets the electricity supply. Now to count, isn’t that much of a crisis specifically when someone has already lost hopes of last moment exam preparation? What everyone needs but never ask for is the power back-up. It should atleast be available in the common room, reading room and the mess hall so that the hostelers can have basic access to fans and lights required for studying and having meals. Moreover, an all time power supply to routers is undeniably important as during the preparation time, we simply cannot afford to miss the last minute exchange of notes over WhatsApp!
Holding nothing against the university, all that we need is to get such issues in the notice of those concerned. Maybe the authorities were never informed about it so that anything could be done to reduce or end the power cuts, or the need never reached them, or perhaps, that it simply could not be catered to. Whatever it be, we simply request the authorities now to take appropriate actions and reduce the frequency of power cuts in the hostels. Hostelers constantly make adjustments to their lifestyle to feel at home in their hostels, let us ensure that do not feel nostalgic about their homes due to such frequent and inconvenient power cuts.

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Anupam Singh (BDS, PU Campus)

Anupam Singh (BDS, PU Campus)

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