Panjab University Declared Haunted: Paranormal Experts Called In


Have you ever huddled under your sheets late into the night waiting for the monsters to snatch you? Would you rather die of thirst than venture out for water at 3 in the morning? If yes, the following news might give you the heebie jeebies. Sources say that a part of our very own Panjab University is haunted.

On Saturday morning, a student was going about his day in happy oblivion, when he stopped by the staffroom to hand over project. He was about to leave when saw two teachers covertly whispering. The word “ghost” popped up once or twice, and ever so curious he stopped in his tracks to listen. “Yes, he swore the student saw it with his own eyes. It was right there, floating in the air he said,” claimed anonymous student. The “ghost” was allegedly seen by a student on Friday night, in front of the Law Auditorium. He’d shrugged it off- until the night after that when two girls were found in hysterics claiming to have seen “the devil”. The incidents were hushed, and the students were told not to disclose them to anybody- until Anonymous blew the lid.

This concerns the safety of the students. If there is a spirit here, we have the right to know.

Since then a number of sightings have been reported and many have sprung up, claiming to have seen this apparition. A couple of students also say that they have communicated with the ghost. They have uncovered some data and their findings don’t bode well for the students.

This is a spirit at unrest, who was murdered here on these grounds way before the inception of this University, and now seeks justice” was heard in the Law Auditorium during an event, which explains why it is found near the UILS. While some buy into this, others remain skeptical. “This is a bunch of nonsense, sparked to distract students from the upcoming examinations. Students would do well to steer clear of this and focus on their studies instead,” said a faculty member.

Theories regarding this mysterious ghost are running wild- the reactions of the student body range widely. Some are avoiding the area completely. Others are arming themselves with makeshift Ouija boards and candles. Most are found to be hoping the University cancels all exams, just like that in the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The library is inundated with requests for books on the paranormal. A group of students reportedly went to the site with candles and shouted out questions, calling, “Show yourself, spawn of Satan!” so loud the janitor had to chase them away.

A team of paranormal experts is being called to investigate the matter. The team will supervise the area for the next couple of days and will report its findings to the authorities.

Disclaimer- If anybody ever told the author her University was haunted, she’d pack her bags and leave for China before you could say “ghost”. Bogus Bulletin is our Thursday segment of light-hearted fake news (Donald Trump, much?). You might want to take your Hanuman Chalisas wherever you go. It is Halloween month after all.

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