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Pictures by Satvik mahajan (SD College 32)

PANACHE, the annual inter-college fest of GGDSD College, organized by the BBA department kick-started on January 22nd, 2016 and enthralled the students with fun and frolic performances, and other cultural and educational delightful activities.

At the very onset, there were solo dances, holding the beauty to meet the elixir of god. Followed by, music performances which mesmerized many. The most amusing of all was the ‘sell-well’. Various other events such as rocket salesman, treasure hunt, photo-booths were running simultaneously. Folk orchestra and the very talented anchors, who imitated to be shop-keeper and ‘gutthi’ were certainly, the essence of the fest.

 Mr. Anurag Aggarwal, I.A.S- UT administration and Mr. Anirudh Joshi, Secretary General were the esteemed chief guests of the event. The 1994 batch IAS officer, Aggarwal was well received by the crowd and shared the stage with Principal Bhushan Sharma. While addressing the young students Aggarwal talked about “Yuva Shakti”, asking students to realize their responsibilities as the youth of the nation. Principal thanked the chief guest for arriving at the event even when he had some diplomatic issues to attend to with the Prime minister.

Later various events included the Choreography, AD Mad and other competition’s which saw students take part from not only GGDSD but various other colleges as well. Tuneful music came handy with Panache and abundant dance performances kept the day lively.

RJ Pankaj entered and entertained the spectators with his humor and sticking to the humor a “pand” act was performed by Rupinder and Manik. Who later on took to off stage anchoring and interacted with the crowd which got things going.

Choreography saw SD college bag 2nd and 3rd place where as Khalsa college took the first place. In street play first position was taken by PGGC sector 11 followed by Khalsa college Chd. PGGC even secured the second place in AD MAD.

Panache on its first day was magnificent and we could see that the Organizing committee had left no stone unturned. The day ended with a bhangra performance and vibe of excitement for day 2.

panach 1

Day 2 of panache saw an even bigger participation. The day started with ‘Just a Minute’ competition (JAM) followed by a scintillating couple salsa dance. One performance that clearly stole the audiences heart was the belly dance performance by osheen.

The beauty of panache lay in the fact that the entire auditorium was filled even during the peak lunch hour so much so that there were scores of students still trying to get in. Expecting such a thing to happen adequate security arrangements were made well in advance. ” it’s been an hour since I am trying to get inside. The auditorium is completely full and all we can do here is wait for our turn ” exclaimed Avneetpuri a student of SD College.

The Modeling contestMr and Ms Panache 2016, was what the students were waiting for in the latter part of the day. The title was bagged by Prabhjeet Garcha and Kibriya from SD College. Other events included the Treasure Hunt, T-shirt painting and Movie Promotions.


Panach 2


The Treasure Hunt was won by MCM, while the second position was secured by Khalsa College. JAM was won by Shubham from SD College. Dance competition was won by Khalsa College, SD’s Maniax stood second. Another attraction was the movie of Wake up Singh releasing on February 26.

The day came to an end with the band performances by Qisa – The Band, The seventh note, from SD College itself. A DJ night was organized exclusively for BBA Students.

The second half included a lot of performances by the college students. Panache in the end lived up to the expectations and left the students in joyous mood. All the credits go the Panache OC which was the BBA club students for putting up a magnificent display.

Panach 3


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