Panache 2018: GGDSD’s Power Packed Fest Concludes Successfully


The much-awaited fest of GGDSD College, Panache 2018, was organized by the Commerce Department of the college, on February 21 and witnessed participation from colleges from across the tri-city. This fest was a remarkable example of how focused hard work and efficient management helps in achieving success, since despite the short time for preparations, the fest was well managed and well presented.

The chief guest of the day, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Popli, Director Higher Education, Chandigarh, was welcomed to the fest, to the audience’s amusement, said that he wouldn’t want to be a barrier between them and the upcoming program, and chose to forgo a long-winded speech.

Student Council President, Harsh Sharma also thanked the students for their support, saying, “I am nothing without your support, we are always here to help you. Under the able guidance of our experienced faculty, we can reach the heights of success.” 

A jam-packed auditorium was testimonial to the sheer number of students, the fest attracted.The event began with a modelling round, where all divas and hunks battled it out for the coveted title of Mr. and Ms. Panache. In the subsequent rounds, the contestants were asked various questions, which they adeptly answered, showcasing their best side to the judges.

The Ad-Mad is one of Panache’s most anticipated events, and the performances, every year, prove that it’s worthy of the hype. The acts were absolutely hilarious and entertaining. Weaved between these ads were some eye-opening realities, the performances swiftly buffeting them onto us.

The performances during the middle of the events were planned carefully to beat the afternoon laziness. In most fests, the main events take all the limelight, but here, the even the fillers were worth a standing ovation.The dance performances by Surjeet and Himani were both energetic and devoted, and brought a smile to everyone’s faces as the music put a hum to everyone’s ears and the dancers offered mints to the eyes.

The extravaganza took an unexpected turn when a familiar voice echoed behind the curtains. It was, to the crowd’s extreme delight, Bhavdeep Romana’s- an alumnus of GGDSD College. Romana is a performer, an anchor, an artist and a sensational mood setter. Having toured all over India, the audience was jumping at this surprise visit.

There was also an energetic performance by the award-winning Folk Orchestra team of the college, which had the crowd swaying to their beats. The dances were breathtaking- from hip-hop to traditional. The face-off was yet another event that aimed for the roof and broke it. The stage was also briefly taken over by a mimicry artist, who won the hearts of the crows with his impersonations and beat boxing.

The theatre acts weren’t far behind. The shouts of the street play echoed throughout the college,attracting huge crowds, and curious eyes.

With a large number of brands and media partners sponsoring the event, one could see an array of stalls lined up with food, clothes, accessories, games and the like. One such stall was put up by Enactus GGDSD College for selling their products and promoting their upcoming event, Enactobolt. “We are bringing a power packed combination of marathon and treasure hunt, and nothing could provide us with a better platform than Panache and its enthused crowd for the promotions of the same,” said MehrozeSoni, Vice President, Enactus GGDSD.

The fest experienced some technical issues towards the end, but they were quickly taken care of, and didn’t deter the spirit of the organizers or the attendees.

The whole event, imbibed with music, dance and drama, painted a whole new level of festivity and left the audience cheerful and satiated.

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