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8th October’15: Purvrang, a Hindi promoting social organisation of PU today organised a lecture on the Palestine and Israel’s conflict here in the Gandhi Bhawan, PU. This lecture was in sharp contrast to the regular lecture culture of PU; mostly for two reasons. Firstly, the lecture was organised in pure Hindi, a step away from the elite English or the more localised Punjabi. Secondly, an international issue received a good attendance in terms of crowd, something not generally expected of PU.

The topic being deliberated upon was: “The question of Palestine’s freedom and the signature Middle Eastern imperialist conflict.” This in itself was a very controversial topic for which the keynote address was delivered by Mr. Anand Singh who has been working avidly towards the freedom of Palestine people. He talked of the programmes initiated by him and the immense importance of Palestine for India. “Palestine is historically associated with India in its opposition of colonialism.” Palestine was aptly described as being an “open air prison.”

The lecture concluded with an appeal for empathy along with a support for “Indian People with Palestine Solidarity.” The people in attendance left with a heart full of passion and a mind full of ideas.

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