Do you feel a momentary pain

When the rain stops,

And the last raindrops trickle down the window pane,

Like it’s the end of a formula one race.

There are incomplete conversations between you and the lightning,

As the thunder eavesdrops and lurks in the background.

You aren’t ready for sunshine yet,

Not ready for it to dry up your eyes while your heart is drenched.

The scarecrow in the farm does not want it to stop too,

Cause he hasn’t bathed in months,

And the stench on his clothes reminds him of his farmer,

Who died in wait of the rain.

The 5 year old who is playing with the paper boat doesn’t want it to stop either,

Or his mission to rescue his dead father from the puddles will be aborted.

The teenage girl walking down the pavement wants the rain to continue,

As it washes the stains of rape from her clothes,

Her tears merge in the rain drops

and cries are silenced by thunder.

Do you feel a momentary pain when the rain stops?

Or when the drops trickling down your window pane hit the bottom,

And all that is left

is dry stains on the glass.

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About the Author:

Sheena Singh (UIET, PU Campus)

Sheena Singh (UIET, PU Campus)

Words are her best friends and poetry the best place to hangout with them. 20,acts 10,Engineer by chance,loves deep meaningful conversations over latte,interested in psychology,fiction fan,incurable romantic.


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