Overdosing On Areas Of Concern: Waste Of Time


From CNN to Koffee with Karan, we are all engaged in celebrity gossips and news. Their lives have become our life. How much time do we actually spend consuming this information?

However, we know that we have no intention of processing the information. Sometimes, (or if I may say every time) we stop at a point giving these talks huge importance. The endless stream of Instagram, Snapchat, TV shows and the list goes so on, has made us a victim of depression.

In this era of the uploading of information, your life gets filled with the unnecessary or irrelevant stuff which anyhow is nothing that you care about. This may feel offensive, but don’t take me wrong because nowadays we log in to social media pretty often and find another person’s life more interesting than the previous one. This proves that we have nothing to care about anybody’s emotions and private life.

This has become a bizarre thing that we keep peeping on the social media which is merely out of a ‘habit’ that we have evolved. You watch a particular thing on TV at 9 because you have nothing else to do at that time.

We waste a huge valuable amount of time surfing online about other people just to have stories to tell to your friends, because, we love to stay “up-to-date.” Clicking pictures and posting them on social pages has made us believe that by doing so, we become a global person. Soaking up huge time in clicking pictures and then taking a millennium to correct those pictures so that you can post them.

Here comes the important part of my article. There are two points that have a basic role in our journey:

First, is the area of control and the other, is the area of concern.

Watching TV shows, checking out the airport looks of celebrities, political scandals etc. makes you invest your time and energy, but you have no control over these events. This falls in the AREA OF CONCERN.

Despite of news gossips, which are the small bites of trivial matter, reading books can influence our life. Article writing, business startups, traveling etc. are the things that make us swallow limitless knowledge. These are the AREAS OF CONTROL.

Don’t be a part of that world which digests all the information mindlessly. Be a part of the world which has purpose and which can take action on things.

If we eliminate the areas of concern from our routine, we will be having a massive time for our areas of control; which can actually bring changes in us. It feels great to follow the storylines that are important in making you a good citizen.

It’s easy to see people saying, “It’s a confusing life messed up with everything.” Instead control the things around you and eliminate the stuff which is of no benefit.

Time wasted in consuming can’t be spent in creating.

Consume it in good thoughts because it’s great to be up-to-the-mark but it’s better to be positive.

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Chahat Sharma (DAV College 10)

Confident girl with a balanced physical and mental stimulation that makes me focused. Discipline and dedication  are my major beliefs. Strongly opinionated.  Passionate about writing in order to create differences globally!



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