Outrageous fight breaks down in GGDSD College


GGDSD College witnessed a disastrous day as students from two student run parties went no holds barred on each other smashing glass bottles on one’s head. Student organisation of Indian (SOI) chairman was the accused that in front of a jam-packed canteen crowd caught hold of a bottle and smashed it on the head of a SDCU supporter.

The fight according to sources started as a debate on the largely faulty pamphlet that was printed and circulated by SOI in the canteen. The printed booklet so to say had various points that SOI claimed it had done. It included points such as SOI was the one to take the initiative to install the CCTV footage which in fact was done by the management itself.

Various other points included SOI taking credit for discipline in PANACHE and Fest o’Com though these are the fests organised by BBA club and B.Com department respectively.

Student elections in GGDSD have taken a very topsy turvy path leaving the students in kick in the teeth. In the later hours of college regular debates between many parties could be seen in the canteen.

Student leaders who go on and fight on petty issues are not worth anyone’s time. SOI might have witnessed a great win last year but that was in alliance with INSO and PUSU. Taking credit for all the work to you is not a very wise move.


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