Outlander : A Timeless Romance


What do you get when you have a fiery, tough English heroine, a sexy, handsome Scot, and time travel?
A close to perfection novel called Outlander .
This novel, despite being published in 1991, still has throngs of fans and has also been adapted into a TV series by the same name (Watch it. NOW.)

The story follows a British nurse, Claire Randall, post World War 2, who gets transported to Scotland, as it was 200 years ago (time travel, woohooo !! ). There she has to come to terms with life in that era, the political upheavals, the anti- feminist attitude of people and of course, the lack of electricity ( I wouldn’t survive One.Day. )  She also meets a handsome, young Scottish warrior, James Fraser who falls for her , even though she already has a husband on the other side of… time. (yes, it’s complicated.)
I say close to perfection and not really perfect because of one problem, it’s length. The book seems a bit too long at times, what with the description of the nearby highlands and mountains and whatnot. But since the story is so fast paced, you find yourself reaching for the next page even while reading the first one.
Here are the 5 best things about the book :


  • Claire Randall — she’s not your typical damsel in distress. No, she’s far from it and her guts end up surprising you many times.
  • James Fraser — he has red hair, blue eyes, is gentle yet tough, caring and when he loves… He REALLY Loves. Need I say more?
  • The Time Travel element — It’s interesting to see how things pan out, considering Claire knows what is about to happen in the future.
  • The dilemma — Claire is already married , yet there’s Jamie, right in front of her…
  • The Research — the book gives highly accurate details, right from the uses of plants for medicinal purposes to the historical setting of the time.

This book is perfect for lovers of Historical romance and fantasy and sci fi and action and… Who am I kidding, it’s perfect for everybody, read it already !  A sure shot 4 star novel.
P. S. Watch the show too while you’re at it and I bet you not to fall in love with James Fraser.

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