OROP Row Continues: Delhi Police Surrenders to the Center


Since Arvind Kejriwal brought Aam Aadmi Party in for the Delhi Administration through a landslide victory by a margin of 67-70, he has been in a tussle with the central government and PM Modi in order to get control of public order, police and land in the city-like-state national capital New Delhi. Mr. Kejriwal, who declines to recognise Congress as an opposition party in the State Assembly, was on the same grounds with the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, when they made an attempt to visit the family of an ex-serviceman, Ram Kishan Grewal. Ram Kishan Grewal committed suicide by consuming poison while trying to meet Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, who was inaccessible at that time, to submit a memorandum reiterating the long standing OROP demands. Committing suicide is an offence under the Army Act 1950, and army men committing suicide is indeed a matter of concern.

But, Delhi police has been wantonly going after leaders of Aam Aadmi Party and Congress, and it has become indisputably evident that they’ve been told to snub anyone and everyone who is anti-BJP. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, Labour Minister Gopal Rai and Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi were prevented from meeting the kins of the deceased soldier and were detained at various police houses.

The critical argument thrown by BJP’s leadership for the detention was the ‘crime’ carried through by AAP and the INC in politicising the issue of OROP and veteran’s suicide, as stated by MoS External affairs, General VK Singh. But under which section of IPC, politicising an issue is counted as an offence and deserves a punishment in form of detention remains abstruse, given the fact that its extend hasn’t be defined by any of the governments since independence, and neither by the Supreme Court itself?

For a moment, let us assume their urge to visit soldier Grewal’s family was to gain political points and was enough to issue the orders of their detention. If politicians are meeting people who’re affected due to happening of an atrocity and BJP considers it as an offence, going by the same logic, Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan should’ve been detained while he was on his way to meet the family of head constable, Ramashankar Yadav whose throat the terrorists slit before fleeing the central jail.

The way the central government has deployed its puppets in top cop duties in Delhi Police and the manner in which it has been maneuvering the whole set-up isn’t even laughable anymore, which is evident as they tried to curb the dissent while soldier Grewal was exposing BJP’s failure over implementation of OROP by getting his family beaten up and manhandled while they were taken under detention and again, no good reason.

The Police claimed that their action to detain the leaders came after the visits created ‘disturbance’ and ‘obstruction’ in the hospital. Let’s talk about April, 2015, when farmer Gajendra Singh allegedly committed suicide during AAP’s rally. Singh was brought to RML hospital in New Delhi, the same hospital where Grewal’s body was brought on Wednesday. After Singh was declared dead, Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Rahul Gandhi had visited the hospital to meet his family members. The surprising fact which neither led to ‘disturbance’ and ‘obstruction’ in the hospital, nor politicization of the issue was the visit of BJP Delhi Chief Satish Upadhyay to the hospital and a tweet for the PM stating he was shattered and saddened due to the suicide.

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Parth Gupta (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)


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