Orlando Shooting: Struck by bullets, lost to hate


On Sunday, the United States of America witnessed what has been termed as “the worst mass shooting in the country’s history.” Fifty people died and many were injured, as a heavily-armed gunman opened fire in a gay night club in Orlando.

The gunman was identified to be Omar Mateen, who was of Afghani descent and lived in Florida. For two days worldwide, it was debated whether it was an act of terrorism or a hate crime. Given the current scenario, most speculated about a possibility of links with the ISIS. However when Omar’s father, Seddique Mir Mateen took to facebook and posted a message for the world to read, things suddenly started falling in place and everything could make sense.

Mr Mateen, in his video condemned how Omar‘s actions were wrong but on the flipside referred to the gay people by using the derogatory term “hamjensbazi.” He said that God would punish the “Hamjensbazi” people on his own! And this is what rang a bell, lifting the veil confirming that yes,indeed it was a hate crime!

The point that has to be made here is, that you may personally disagree with a person’s ideologies, way of life and what not; but as long as they’re not a potential threat to a society, like a terrorist, whomsoever you may be should be minding your own business. It can now be safely deduced that Omar was brought up in all probability in a homophobic environment which had this disastrous consequence.

You may not be gay friendly, may not be supportive of their preferences in life, however this does not give you a licence to just pick up a gun and go on a killing spree. All of us fight with our parents, friends, siblings and may disagree with what they choose to do; but we don’t pull the trigger right in their face? Do we? No, we don’t. All of us just go about our own business and let them be, in case we can’t be supportive of who they choose to be.

Being a part of the LGBTQ community is simply a life choice, just as you choose to be straight, they choose not to be. Just as you don’t want to have a vegetarian dinner and another person chooses to go vegan, you can choose for yourself and let the others do their own choosing.

Support LGBTQ rights if you want to, because it’s just another fight for living an equal life, irrespective of what your sexual preferences are. But if you can’t or you don’t want to, just don’t. But let the others live in their own paradise while you enjoy in yours. Because what would it feel like if they go, shoot straight people, just because they don’t like who they choose to have sex with.

Yesterday it was Orlando, tomorrow it can be India. So it’s high time to stop the hate.

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