College life in Panjab University is a dream come true for every student just out of school. They experience a sense of maturity wherein a chain of events is set into motion. For most it’s the unshackling of their movements to roam to and fro and not always inform their parents, freedom to manage their purses themselves, a change of city for some; whilst some may be rewarded by their parents or loved ones with material gifts, for others these experiences are more joyous than gifts themselves. This maturity may not just yet bring upon a sense of responsibility, but that does eventually kick in after the initial euphoria settles.

The scope of the senses is widened. An intricate change takes place. The young ones start to find their place in the new institution. They now have a variety of interests to choose from. And for the most part, the parents who had up till now played the role of decision makers, shift to the role of advisers. With teenage at its peak, defying the norm is the norm. Political affiliation, tryst with newspapers for some, understanding true value of money, whether it be by regulating it or saving for a date, starts at this stage for many.

Our University follows the truest and basic tenets of democracy. Understanding this and wrapping one’s head around it may take quite some time. For some, it never comes, for others when it comes, they are near their graduation.

Any institution grows, when people in it grow. There is however a lapse in the initial phase of ours. We do not have a formal system of orientation. There are no programmes or class or any sort of a recognized mechanism to make a newly admitted student aware of the history, traditions, system of workings which would include administrative setup, redressal mechanism, format of examination and so on. Most of them think the V-C is the supreme authority, ill aware that there is a senate, and that it is elected. These students being potential future voters and having become a part of its legacy, their actions can have a great impact on how the institutions are run. Remember, this is a university where there are strikes for even when mess rates are raised! Many students find it difficult to appear for their first term examinations as they are either unaware of the pattern, or have only got to know about it from their seniors, and also they are unsure as to how and what is the best way to attempt the examination.

Time management is crucial.What will happen if they fail? Does the University have a system of compartments? What is the procedure of re-examination? Are only the marks counted or is the whole paper rechecked? These are some of the questions that arise in the mind of a new student and remain unanswered till they experience it on their own or are vaguely answered by teachers or seniors with little accuracy and they remain mostly ill-informed.

The university calendar contains all such information, and website also enlists many of them, but a brief formal welcome will not only go a long way in guiding the pupils to the correct sources of information, research and knowledge but will also establish another great tradition and make the students feel welcome in this great family, of students and their Alma-mater.

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Inderpreet Singh Sohal

Inderpreet Singh Sohal (UILS, PURC, Ludhiana.)

I have keen interest in debates and mooting. I am a stage anchor. I savour, and write, poetry in urdu and english. I profoundly enjoy the subject of polity, sociology and criminal and environmental law.


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