Orientation of Pixels Club of DAVC


DAV College witnessed the orientation ceremony of Pixels: The Official Photography Club of DAV on September 15th, 2017. This day was more special as it also marked the completion of club’s first anniversary. The event started at around 11:30 am, in Mini Auditorium.

The event started with the recitation of the National Anthem and the College Anthem to inculcate a spirit of oneness among the new recruits.

The event kicked off with a motivating speech by Dr. B.C. Joshan, Principal where he praised the club for bringing out the hidden & latent potential of the members while praising the club for inculcating various traits in the personality of their members which is a must to survive, in this fast-paced world.

To prove these points to the new recruits, various core members shared their experiences, Chahhat (Web Analyst) shared her own experience by how much she had grown and further said “This platform recognizes all your efforts, it doesn’t let any of your efforts go in vain. Ideas are always welcomed and mistakes are calmly addressed in the best possible way.”

Dheeraj (Graphic Designer) talked about the importance of resources – “Usually the growing talent gets restricted due to the limited take on lenses. We at Pixels, provide them whatever resources they need. This helps them multiply 10 times more, they give this value to the club and each one of us seems to multiply immensely”.

To prove their point Vinayak, the founding member of the Pixels club, who started this club last year made us count the rapid number of successes their club has achieved. Pixels has expanded to other colleges and usually every part of the tri-city, made tie-ups with Speed Records, UBER, and many more renowned brands, and is currently bringing the food photography aspect up front.

Pixels usually conducts workshops & seminars with international leaders in the photography fields including Nikon and Sony.  “It gives the young people a face to face interaction with the Titans of the market, which otherwise is a very tiresome journey. Our main aim is that when our members graduate, they tear the whole world down by using their indispensable skills to the best of their ability”. Vinayak further introduced the general guidelines of the club by breaking the ice through an informal introduction among the recruits.

The achievement of the club was also shown through a presentation where some of the esteemed members were highlighted:  Tanvi Malhi- whose photograph of a red hornbill was selected by the Times of India Chandigarh; Aditya Thakur – who won the first prize in youth fest 2016 and Shivain Shaurya – whose picture was selected for the art exhibition at Panjab Kala Bhawan.

The event also witnessed a cake cutting ceremony for the completion of one year of the club, followed by a motivating speech by Dr. Harmunish Taneja, Faculty Member who talked about the importance of discipline and hard work in any endeavor you choose.

The event ended on a fun note by participating in a few activities. The winners were given chocolates & Nikon key rings.

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Debashish Bindra (DAV College 10)

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Kiran Kumar (UILS, PU Campus)


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