Organic Mandi, Enactus SD College 32

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On the eve of Independance day  students from Enactus studying at Ggdsd College , sector 32 , Chandigarh organised an event to help organic farmers in association with Kisan Virasat Mandal . Basically Enacttus is an International Non profit organisation  operating in 1600 universities in 36 countries worldwide . Earlier Known as Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) , main purpose of enactus is improving the standards of living of the people around them through business concepts and ideas . Along with helping the community enactus also helps in inculcating enterpreneurial and leadership qualities among its members . As a part of its Agricultural project called Jaivik Kisaan Haat a Mandi selling organic produce was held in sector 68 , Mohali .
Students had been working hard to pull this event together since a month .  The main purpose for organising the same was promotion of organic produce and thus increased revenues for the cash stripped farmers involved in organic farming .
The mandi took place sharp at 8am with various events such as session on kitchen gardening , fun games for kids ( part of fundraising for enactus) , a session on benefits of organic farming took place through out the day . ” We made sure that we inform as many people as we can about this . May it be through posters , fliers and even door to door marketing . We didnt leave any stone unturned  .” says rhea Jaspal , Member , Enactus.
“If each one of these farmer goes home satsisfied we will consider our project successful” chips in Ratik ,Project head , Enactus . End of the day enactus truly lived up to its motto -“Dedicated to make the world a better place” as the entire produce of the farmers sold out and the farmers urging them to make this a monthly event .
Looks like they surely made a difference to the lives of these poor farmers !!!!

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