Opinion: Art for Art’s Sake, Or Art for Morality’s Sake


All of us have been holding our breaths for the much awaited SRK film– ‘Raees’, the bookings have already started and all of us are excitedly looking forward to the long weekend. What this article is going to have has been much debated already and there has been a lot of controversy as well on this very issue of– Pakistani Artists. By no means, are we discouraging anyone who wants to watch Raees neither are we a fanatic patriot, rather we are all for the school of “Art for Art’s sake”. However we couldn’t help but observe the fact that even though the intention of the Pakistani artists might be in the right place, that is, just to create aesthetically pleasurable art, but at the same time, we also cannot deny the fact that these artists are paying taxes to the Pakistan Government; taxes from the money they made in Bollywood, taxes from the pocket of an upstanding Indian citizen who does not know that his error is indirectly aiding the Pakistani Army, the very Pakistani Army that has attacked the sovereignty of our mother India time and again.

Now one might point on this momentary surge of nationalism amongst politicians when they banned Pakistani artists or even went so far ahead to say that ours is a nation of the corrupted, by the corrupted and for the corrupted. So, we’ll rule out this temporary surge of nationalism as well, but how can we, how can we rule out humanism? Yes, what about Indian Army? What about all those “jawans” who are guarding the borders of our state, irrespective of the harsh weather conditions. Not only that, what about all those soldiers who die when Pakistan Army attacks us? What are their reasons for standing on guard day and night in extreme temperature? Everyone values their life and it is priceless, so definitely, its not the salary that they draw. Then we ask again, excuse us for being dramatic, but for whom are they bearing the brunt of all those hardships? For a nation of sheep who does what it is told? Or for a nation of cowards who do not value their sacrifice? Or for a nation of hedonists who will go to any lengths just to seek some cheap thrills? There is a line which was read long back and goes something like this– “A nation that doesn’t respect its heroes, doesn’t even produce them.”

Surely, Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan or any other star of your choice is a great artist with all the right intentions, you too have your intentions in the right place but one cannot deny the fact that “Art for Art’s sake” is not entirely ethical here in our situation. It is upto us to come up with a solution to find a middle ground where the two schools- “Art for Art’s sake” and “Art for Morality’s sake” come together. And if not, are we happy to be nation of the ignorant? Afterall,  we do hear “Ignorance is a bliss.” Or we going to be a nation that recognizes and respects its real heroes?

It’s honestly for you to decide. Opinions are welcome. Feel free to share your views.

P.S. We have got nothing against Muslims or Pakistanis. But neither do we want to see the soldiers guarding the border dying in vain.

P.P.S.: A very happy Republic Day to all of you!

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Pratibha Nehra  (Dept. of English)

Pratibha Nehra
(Dept. of English)

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