Open letters

Dear ex,

I am sorry but  I want to thank you for everything.  I adore you very much and  I am glad you’re my ex,  Best ex ever.

Dear self,

You are going to make it. Believe in yourself. Just don’t give up yet.

Dear dad,

I wish we could have more time. There was so much left to do, together. I miss you and I fear I might forget you.

Dear mom,

Thank you for every piece of advice. And letting me spend my bad days on bed. I love you, very much.

Dear sibling,

You are an idiot and make me angry but I still love you (I am surprised too).

Dear school,

Thank you for bringing out the best in me. Some of the bitches taught me a-lot.

Dear college,

I hope I have fun.

Dear best friend,

I am grateful to you for sticking by through everything and tolerating me in my worsts. I couldn’t have gotten any better. Never leave, even if I make you sometimes. Just , don’t.

Dear future,

I am not afraid of you anymore. I look forward to good things.

Dear future husband,

I promise I’ll love you with every cell on my body. I am glad we found our way through every obstacle and now are, finally, together. I promise to love you even on the days when you aren’t able to love yourself, and I would want you in every phase and moment of life. I’ll build my world around you and nothing else will matter more than you will do, it’s gonna be just you and me baby, through our lifetime, I promise to never leave your hand when the days gets darker, and I’ll cherish every moment with you on the brighter ones.

Dear future me,

I told you , you are going to make it. See. You did it, I am proud.

Dear people who hate me,

I couldn’t care less.

Dear people who love me,

I love each and everyone of you and I appreciate everything. I love you all so much, I might not be able to express it, but believe me, I do. And I want to thank each one of you for showering love on me, for , the only thing that makes this world a happening place from a lonely one to me is, your love. Your love, in any of it forms.


Divya Bhandari- Gargi College, DU


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