You somehow end up in my dreams every night,

Like a mirage you stay close,

Neither do you resent, nor do we fight.

But your unreal existence, brings out the real me,

And we fondle all night, till the dawn sets me free.

But it’s miserable you know? To wake up and realise, that we were just a consequence of my unconsciousness,

Of the illusions in my head,

Which I create out of helplessness.

How I almost believed that we were cuddling again,

That i wasn’t hallucinating,

that this moment wasn’t in vain.

Can’t I lucid dream once? So that reality can disappoint me, but not you.

So that I know, every time we make love, none of it is true.

So that you cannot delude me into believing, that I ought to apologise when I wake up.

So that I realise myself,

that you are only a part of my dream, and not the dream itself.


Divya Bhandari – Gargi College,DU


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