On bullshit.

One look at the problems of poverty, terrorism, communalism and we think of them as problems that have plagued humanity since ages and will continue to do so. But never once have we realised the frugality of the human mind to burn down theatres for a movie which is only fiction.
How sad it is, that we go stand up for Nirbhaya in candle marches, but keep our mouths shut when an actress like Deepika is threatened for Rape for fulfilling the roles that her profession requires.
We say India is a great country, we say we have the freedom of speech and expression, but we also teach our women to keep their mouth shut, to stay inside the doors because everything and anything outside could harm her, let’s worry about the threats inside later.
They say,
Don’t scream much, you’re a woman.
Hold the words back when the business man touches your bottom.
Or when you feel a 60 year old penis at the back of your jeans, don’t scream, when you see the same happening to another woman.
When your father and uncles casually make a sexist joke, laugh, secretly imagine how you throw these things from the dinner table at them and scream “my mother made this chicken, you might just starve if the woman who runs this house refuses to do your duties” but then again, remember that you have to keep shut.
When men across the street catcall, keep walking, don’t turn back, and don’t answer back and don’t move your head, you don’t want to be attacked already do you?
Consent? Huh what is consent?
A slight no is a yes, you can just try pursuing me in saying yes, or wait does it even matter, because I’d love to know what you would do to me one night in a locked room, without my consent.
I am a woman, I have to keep shut.
You know we women should probably just dress up in a potato sack, all high like turtle necks, on the inside mocking how turtle slow the society really is, make sure people don’t see your curves and thighs, and probably hair on your neck, cover yourself, but also remember to cover your breasts with your hands, don’t worry you’ll still be somehow touched in public, but atleast you did your part. And a little harrassment is no big deal.
Wax your hair, feel the pain of your hair snatched away from your skin, just like a million priveledges snatched away from you, and starve and wear perfume. Choose in big numbers when it comes to heel, divert your foot inward and swing your body lightly, doesn’t matter how much ever ache your feel. Oh and also shush the voice of yours that badly wants to take all your waxed hair, all your pads and perfumes and burn them, and burn them and hurl them on the crowd, on a sunny busy traffic, instead let yourself go through all of this as if you were born to be a masterpiece, who was later spat on by the society. But wait, we said, swach Bharat, not Swach Soch. 

Don’t be another girl standing and narrating yet another female struggle poem, for always remember that in the end, you’re just a girl, and this is just bullshit.


About the Author:

 I’m just another nobody amongst the  millions. I’m just another girl with dreams, with    hopes, with the passion to be able to make a difference, tiny as it maybe, if my words can become an antidote, or breath back life in a place gathering empty then I’d say I breath to write. As for the rest, I study political science at the University of Delhi, Lady Shri Ram College for women.

Ishan Khalsa (Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi)


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