Oh woman, oh yeah!


Women are considered to be the most tangled and magnificent creatures in the world. Women can sometimes behave in a way that can be really amusing or weird or totally different from that of men. Some interesting facts about them are..

1. Women hate to be ignored, especially by their significant others. Even if you are out with your friends or a group, you better be paying attention to your woman, or you may just pay for it when you get home. Also, if you start talking to someone you know, and we have never met them, you better introduce them right away or you are going to have one angry woman at your hand. Yes, you have been warned.

  1. A woman after visiting her girlfriend can return home, call the same friend and talk for three hours.3. Beware when a woman answers, “I’m fine.” Because “fine” is never “fine”.4. Women love to talk and talk, and then talk some more.5.  Ever wondered how tropical rainforest smells like? Well, you just need to visit the bathroom of a woman after she takes a shower, and you will know.
  2. Women are bad at keeping secrets, and to top it they will not consider it untrustworthy when they only tell two or three people about it. Whatever they know, their best friend knows it too.
  3. Women are always attracted to bad boys, but eventually settle down with one of the good guys.
  4. Women, no matter what size, are always going to be insecure about something on their body. It could be their weight, their nose, their chest size, or their butt and even their eyebrow.
  5. Women like looking at men and checking them out as much as men enjoy looking at women. We are just better at hiding it. Huehuehue.

10. Women need to cry. And they usually do it in front of someone, so that you can hear them. Yes, we like the attention too. #sorrynotsorry.

So, yes, a little complicated, a little weird and a little crazy is what every woman is. But, mostly, just awesome! Weird and proud.

P.S. – For a detailed study, you can read “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” by John Gray. 😀


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