“I look beautiful to those who embrace me, I shine with an evergreen warmth and gleam, and I come to you in a glistening yellow coloured carriage. In heavy bags of gifts, I carry boxes full of happiness in myriad colored-wrappers. I get perfumes for you, containing an aroma of positivity. But oh, only a few of you really grab it, with most of it staying back with me. And the reason behind this is my old-enemy- LAZINESS. You all befriend him and forget my boon. Yes, you all do!”

Its morning voicing out its deep-seated thought. Yes, WE ARE BORN EACH DAY and expressing gratitude for our lives make a significant activity. But, most of us forget the importance of morning in our lives. We bid good night to Whatsapp and Instagram, and then wish them the first in the morning too. So, being realmed with insomnia, we became incapable of welcoming morning-joys.

Here, let’s browse through these 5 ways which can make our morning-routines fruitful.

Embrace gratitude-
When you wake up in the morning, wear a smile! Forget about all the worries, that dwelt your mind the last night, and thank god for a new day. Revive your mind with a positive quote. You can recite a prayer or just close your eyes and pay gratitude for benevolence of lord. You can even sing a song and witness how great it makes you feel, while you exercise your vocal cords. These two-minutes of exercise is sure to affect your day magically.

Consume your rejuvenating mantra
Another important element of the alluring morning, is sipping on something healthy to set the day on an active mode. You can grab a glass of black coffee, enjoy luke-warm lemon water or let the antioxidants travel inside with a glass of green-tea! After that, wait for 30 minutes before brushing your teeth, eating or drinking anything else. So if you people want a healthy body with radiant skin, inculcate this ritual in your daily morning routine. It surely will improve your digestion, strengthen your immunity system and render you self-disciplined.

•YOGAfy your morning!
Well, we techno-fy our morning hours, rather than enriching them with some minutes of equanimity. Here’s to people who wake up with the chirping of birds and who love the oxygen-nourished air of the trees~
Go for a morning-walk and hit a park to practice SURYA NAMASKAR. It will help you in proper functioning of the endocrine glands, balancing the hormones. By focusing on your breath, while doing yoga, you also will enhance your patience level. Such manifold benefits will turn you into a happier person, sans any doubts!

Know your errands, time befriends productivity
You must know your tasks! Your roles and the assigned duties should be well written on a paper, so as to build the demanded attitude pretty well. If college is your place, chart out all the activities that need action. Same goes for working people! Adjust your activities wisely, so you get some time for yourself too. Don’t sleep away the precious hours, it’s your asset.

Make your morning LOVE FILLED
While you prepare a satiating breakfast for yourself, wish everyone around you, with a smile. Express love, kiss your loved ones and spread happiness. You enhance the beauty of the hours by your affectionate gestures. A vibrant GOOD-morning revitalizes everyone’s mood around you.

As morning holds the most lively hours of the day, adorn it with a little of these:

1.Open your curtains and let the sunrays enter your dormant chamber. They are full of energy and act as a disinfectant too.
2.Set an alarm clock, at least 15 minutes early to your waking-up time.
3.Stretch your muscles before you get out of the bed.
4.Enrich your breakfast with calcium, proteins and vitamins. Your meal should carry a high satiety value. Eat king-size.
5. Do what pleases you the most! It can be singing, dancing, sketching, writing, it can be anything.

As they say,

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.

– Meister Ekhart

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