Oh, To Be Lost!

Oh! to be lost…
It feels amazing to be lost sometimes,
Far away from the traffic of your thoughts,
to some distant peaceful place.
It is metaphorically and literally true.
It feels amazing to be lost sometimes,
Far away from the traffic of your thoughts,
to some distant peaceful place.
Somewhere where your bones relax
and dance to the music of the stillness around;
where pretty lilacs grow around your ribcage,
adorning your heart; where nothing but the happiness of your soul matters.
Where walking on sand and leaving footprints is an art in itself;
where fallen leaves fill life in themselves and accompany you;
where you float through the painted sky to another heaven.
Where your body feels light,
as if it’s just a zephyr playing with people’s hair,
not knowing where to go.
Where it feels like strolling under a sky full of winking stars,
where a little stardust adorns your hair.
Where you’re the best version of yourself, where you look into the mirror
and are not scared to see who is staring right back.
Where you don’t have to rip your flesh apart to show how beautiful you are; where you can be as beautiful as the shooting stars in the sky,
even blinking would be a betrayal while looking at them.
Escape to a place where,
you can cage a canary beneath your chest and not fear if it will fly away; where you can be your own kind of beautiful; where poetry will be your only language, and you, the only audience; where the sky will sing lullabies and the moon will let you sleep in its lap and those zillion stars will guard you throughout the night.
Lose yourself in a place where the rainbow fills colours in itself,
and the sky picks the stars from.
You won’t regret having consumed the galaxy!

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About the Author:

Kavvika Nandra (Department of Economics, PU Campus)


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