Oh No! Again something banned in India?

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Aaina Je

Aaina Jeryal (SD College 32)

HI ! I am a B.com 2nd year student of S.D college . I would describe myself as a hardworking ,sincere and an easy going person.


In this era of” Fifty shades of grey “personal liberty got bespattered this Saturday when the government of India sneakily banned some pornographic websites.

A few days back the SC had asked one question with respect to banning of such sites. “Is watching porn within the four walls of his home any offence? “

The Supreme Court had refused to ban such sites on account that it violates Section 21 of the constitution of India, relating to personal liberty and individual freedom.

But, the Modi government doesn’t seem to pay any head to the decision of the apex court. The government asked many Internet Service Providers to ban any link relating to “PORN”. The netizens were in a state of shock when all they got was a message, “This site has been blocked as per the instructions of competent authority “,as soon as they logged on to the page. There was no response from the ISPs like MTNL, BSNL etc.

The recent issue triggered on social networking sites Twitter and Reddit.

Here is what the people had to tweet:


“Ban homosexuality. Ban porn. Ban certain words in movies. Ban alcohol. Ban beef. Ban everything not in our culture. Hello dark age! “


“I have of course never been to a porn site in my whole life. But I wholeheartedly oppose any Government which move to ban them”


While some people think that porn ban has hindered freedom, some do think that it needed to be banned due to the followingreasons:

It leads to violence among women and children

It will help in reduction of rape cases

It tarnishes the country’s culture etc. etc. and many more conjectures follow.It’s two sides of the same coin.


The question I leave you with, in the end to ponder upon is:



Meanwhile all the frenzy around the porn ban has made some politicians think as to what will they do the next time they have a so called meeting at the Parliament????

Think Think!


About The Author 

Aaina JeAaina Jeryal (SD College 32)

HI ! I am a B.com 2nd year student of S.D college . I would describe myself as a hardworking ,sincere and an easy going person . I love reading ,writing and travelling . Getting published has recently inspired me to give my writing deeper thoughts .

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