#OfftoGermany Kamalpreet Embraces The Reward Of Her Hardwork


Having graduated from MCM DAV College, Kamalpreet Kaur is currently pursuing Masters in Political Science from Panjab University. Her thirst for knowledge has helped her gain a comprehensive understanding of her own field as well as various and varying other subjects, and she loves to spend her time gaining information about anything and everything. Here she talks about getting this brilliant opportunity and what it means to her.

Q. What made you interested in this particular programme?

For me crossing the territorial boundaries of space is very important. I have always wanted to cross the boundaries of Punjab first of all, because I am a Punjabi and then crossing the boundaries of India. So when I got to know that something like this is happening in our department, I was like, this is the first time I am getting an opportunity like this and I have to grab it. So I had a talk with my professor and he said it will be really tough, so start reading about Germany. I visited embassy websites referred by the professor, read newspapers and encyclopedias. I did not just stick to one information source, but referred to a number of sites and books so that I was thoroughly prepared at my own level. 

And I think that I got this opportunity because I deserve it, not being haughty or anything, but because I think I have really worked hard because for the first time I was confident about my choice. But yes I did give my 200%. I did not sleep for a week, every single night I used to watch YouTube videos about how to present yourself in the interview, etc. apart from gaining the factual knowledge required. I was so completely prepared that at one moment in the interview, when my professor asked me the exact population of Germany, I was precisely correct and that made me really happy. So I walked out of that interview extremely happy and confident, no matter what the outcome, knowing that I had prepared very well.

Q. Having read about German politics, do you find any similarities between the political systems of India and Germany?

Yes, like we have a bicameral legislature in India, i.e., Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, they also have 2 houses, one is Bundestag and the other is Bundesrat. Apart from this, similar to our Prime Minister, they have a Chancellor, who currently is Angela Merkel.

Q. What are you most looking forward to in Germany?

I think Germany is a very cultural country. We all know about its past. So apart from the studies, I want to see how people there react to their past. Our professor has reiterated again and again that do not touch upon the raw nerves of the German people regarding the Nazi phase, they are very sensitive about it. So without offending anyone, I want to know how they feel about it, whether they are proud of it. Also I want to find out how they react to Asians, especially Indians because they belong to the First World.

Q. You have to write an essay on “How Germany has been seen and represented in Indian media?” What is your take on it?

I am yet to properly start working on it because I had my exams. But I think I will like to highlight what is happening on the ground, as opposed to only theory, rather I would like to show the things happening on the ground level so I will have to understand how their media represents them. Since I have to write the essay for our media, I will try to compare them. I will have to research and pick up points from here and there, and then only I can compile the essay from India’s viewpoint. It will definitely not be an easy task.

Q. What are your future plans?

Being really honest, I really want that a day comes that I give something of my own and history remembers my name that there was a lady by the name of Kamalpreet Kaur and I am really looking forward to be a part of universities like Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, etc.

This is our last release of the series #OfftoGermany dedicated to the five students of Panjab University who have got qualified to visit Germany.

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