#OfftoGermany Aishwarya Arora: Taking Forward Her Passion


A girl with rock-strength and the most delicate heart, as she is often referred to, Aishwarya Arora is a big dreamer and does what her heart guides her to. She is extremely passionate about political science and academic research, and also loves to write. She aspires to establish herself in the field of political research and use her writing to contribute towards it. Besides that, she likes to dance and to explore new places, their culture and their food and to meet new people. She talks to PU Mirror about this amazing opportunity and how she plans to utilize this.

Q. What made you interested in this particular programme?

The programme is quite special, more importantly for a political science student, as it provides a huge platform to study the political system, the foreign policy and the politics of a whole new country, for us, Germany. And the icing on the cake is the fact that the University has offered to provide the selected students with not only a travel subsidy of 550 Euros but also a stipend of 500 Euros. To be able to visit a country, learn about its politics and having it as a scholarship was a golden opportunity which made us all compete very hard to get into it. The selection process was a very comprehensive, competitive and merit based selection procedure. All the interested candidates were asked to submit their CVs and after a very careful scrutiny, we were called for interviews. And it is amazing that all girls have been selected for the delegation, which makes me elated and proud.

Q. Having read about German politics, do you find any similarities between the political systems of India and Germany?

As a student of Comparative Politics, it happens to be a very exciting experience to learn and explore how both the countries share similarities in their political system and to some extent in the party system, yet can manifest differences in their working. What appealed to me most was that Germany also happens to be a federal, democratic and constitutional republic.

Q. What are you most looking forward to in Germany?

The first and the foremost, I am extremely elated that I am one of the few to get to have a glimpse of the education system as it is in Germany and that too in one of their oldest and most prestigious institutions, the University of Wurzburg. To complement it, my passion for political science as an academic discipline makes me really excited to study the political system, the foreign policy and the inner politics as it takes place in Germany. I have an enthusiasm to get glimpses of their culture, their lifestyle, their food. Also, getting an opportunity to be able to know Germans, who are known for their hard work and punctuality, is very exciting.

Q. You have to write an essay on “How Germany has been seen and represented in Indian media?” What is your take on it?

The perspective of the national media on a country as important as Germany is something that does help us understand the bilateral relations the two countries uphold. A lot of important events in the recent past be it the Brexit, the German elections or more recently Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi’s visit to Germany, are all such events where, according to me, we can see glimpses of the representation of Germany via the Indian media. It has also helped me to trace how these relations over the past through their ups and down have come to such a favourable turn.

Q. What are your future plans?

I aspire to venture into the field of academic research and lectureship and delve deeper into the complexities of the discipline of political science.

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This is our third release of the series #OfftoGermany dedicated to the five students of Panjab University who have got qualified to visit Germany.

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Pragya Pasricha (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Pragya Pasricha
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