#OfftoGermany Aayushi Bets On Seeking ‘International’ in International Relations


Another student of Department of Political Science, Panjab University who has qualified for the visit to Germany is Aayushi Koundal. She belongs to Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. Having graduated from MCM DAV College, Aayushi has also been a part of organisations like Rotaract and Make a Difference. She loves to draw and also does a bit of writing (being a perpetual thinker and all!). She spends her free time on meditation and music. Here she talks about this wonderful opportunity.

Q. What made you interested in this particular programme?

This is the greatest opportunity I have grasped as it piqued my interest immensely being a nine day program where we will learn about ‘German politics’ first hand. The selection was shrewd and thorough, we were interviewed by a panel which constituted of Prof. Sanjay Chaturvedi, Dean of International Students, the Chairperson of our department- Prof. Pampa Mukherjee and Guest Professor Dr. Nimi Kurian. Also, it came as a very pleasant surprise that all through this selection process, the results were such that the delegation has come out to be an all women delegation and to be a be a part of it makes me extremely proud.

Q. Having read about German politics, do you find any similarities between the political systems of India and Germany?

There is a point of convergence between Indian and German foreign policy in the following contexts that both are pragmatic with respect to their respective economic agendas and follow 360 degrees diplomacy i.e multilateral ties.

Q. What are you most looking forward to in Germany?

I look forward to have an enriching experience of the ‘international’ in international relations to develop a syncretic intellectual perspective of my chosen field of study.

Q. You have to write an essay on “How Germany has been seen and represented in Indian media?”  What is your take on it?

I think writing this will be a great experience which will help me evolve my perspective and learn as I am still a student absorbing knowledge. The research has helped me understand the little details that involve the study.

Q. What are your future plans?

I am still exploring my options but I am ambitious and give my best to anything I undertake. I’m sure the whole German expedition will help me gain clarity on my future prospects and open up new walls for me, we’ll have to stay tuned and see.

We wish Aayushi the best of luck for all future endeavours!

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This is our second release of the series #OfftoGermany dedicated to the five students of Panjab University who have got qualified to visit Germany.

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