Of Rigs, Rats and Riches: Politics of the Indian Education System


While a puzzling racket spins the yarn of our country’s education system at the highest order, it is essential to focus on the grass-root, for that is what affects us directly.

Ever since we set foot in school, the first thing we are asked to focus on, is our marks. We are told that these numbers will define our choices, our decisions et al. The last thing we care about is the content of our curriculum. This rat race and hunger turns us Indians into competitive, ambitious little rodents, forever looking for opportunities to nibble away our classmates’ glory. This condition however, does not apply uniformly to all Indian kids. The only ones who have to bear the pressure of crossing a 95 on their marksheet, are those who fall in the general category; the REAL oppressed ones. For those with reservation quotas (and I only mean to include families who take an undue advantage of this scheme and turn into a privilege for generations), their mere presence in the examination halls is considered effort enough for them to be awarded with a seat. Excuse the extremity of my remarks, this is probably the least we’re entitled to.

A paucity of time condemns me from including the purchase of seats in colleges, the deteriorating quality of education in government schools and a whole set of other issues. As of now, it is clear that the politicization of the education has led to its decay in India.

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Samreen Chabra

Samreen Chabra (MCM College 36)

18 years old. Writer. Theatre Artist. As a writer I don’t restrict myself at all and experiment with genres as much as I can. Writing for me has always been about introducing a new line of thought, or just something to ponder upon. More precious than the content, is the feeling that comes along with it. And I hope to give my readers the same heartening experience.


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