Virgo It’s Virgo season ! Is it just me or is it already raining gifts and wishes .Yayyy. But dear Virgo. With so much good comes some bad too . So to avoid that i suggest you break 4 coconuts on full moonlight on your head. I swear by it .Works everytime . Emoji for the week : ?

Libra Have you ever wondered why you are the only sign in the zodiac that is represented by a non living thing ? Probably cuz you don’t have a LIFE ! So go out and prove everyone wrong ! Get a life ! Emoji for the week: ?

Scorpio Yes they are annoying and you want to punch them but don’t . You will lose the Two friends that you have . As it is you are not very easy to be friends with . Just Kidding. Or am I ? Emoji for the week: ?

Sagittarius The stars say that a free pizza is coming your way ! But you probably shouldn’t eat it right ? Aren’t you trying to lose weight ? Oh you are not ? Oh my bad . Emoji for the week: ?

Capricorn The stars are in your favour . Ask her out this week !!! Just do it ! (Note : I cannot guarantee that the response she gives will be any different from the response she would give any other week ) Emoji for the week: ?

Aquarius It’s the perfect time of the year to fight with your boyfriend over what he said at 8.05pm on 21st September in 2014 . It is ! The stars say he will bow to you and probably love you more . Make sure you add a few tears to the accusations too ! Emoji for the week: ?

Pisces What place serves the best fish in Chandigarh ? Find out Pisces for one week of good luck. And good fish . Emoji for the week: ?

Aries I see a dumbbell falling on your foot . Stay out of that gym . Or don’t enter one if you were planning too .Keep Pigging out ! Emoji for the week: ?

Taurus That crush of yours that you have been stalking since August ? They are on you ! They will probably call the cops on you the next time . Beware ! Emoji for the week: ?

Gemini I am sorry Gemini but this might not be a very good week for you .Specifically, I suggest you avoid uploading pictures on Facebook this week as it will not garner enough likes . Maybe next week ! Emoji for the week:?

Cancer Binge watch all seasons of a show this weekend for a week of good luck . Preferably something from 90s.( F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ?) Emoji for the week: ?

Leo I suggest you sleep this week . That’s it . Any human contact can be hazardous . So don’t get out of bed ! Emoji for the week: ?



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