And as my fuel ran out after the jog,

I sat on the sidewalk

and saw this old man mumbling to himself.

After a failed attempt

of ignoring him for a couple of minutes,

I went up to him

and quietly seated myself besides him.

Unaware of my presence, he

continued his babbling

“Hello”, I wished hesitantly


with a sheepish smile

he said, ‘Didn’t they tell you

about my oblivion?’


‘Well hello!

I come here everyday

to have some good talk with my wife.

She love early morning talks.”

“Where is she?”

‘This old oblivious man physically lost her 8 years ago.’

I looked at him,


”I was talking to her,

Until you came.”

“No wonder they call you oblivious.”

He laughed it off,

“It has saved me


sustained me for almost a decade.”

“So, she was talking to you too?”


she wasn’t.”

“And?” I inquired.

”It was me talking to myself.”

‘It looks oblivious to

many, I don’t blame them.

It’s great that

they call me names

and drift away.”

“My wife complained,

I had no time for her,

that I don’t get her.

When she was gone,

I decided not to let her go

Until I understand her fully.”

“I was ready,

to be oblivious,

to the world and

be a loving husband to my wife.

I talk to her everyday,

ask her about things

try to answer

in a way she would have.”

“Doesn’t it exhaust you?”


“It is still not enough, is it?”

‘No, it is not.

Wearing her skin is not easy

but I’m sure,

she is happy seeing me

give her the time and

if my answers are inadequate

we will surely negotiate them up there.”


I kept looking

at his face and the happiness

that shone through his

wrinkles. I got up,

wished him luck

and went home.

Wondering how many times,

I ignored my family

just because I believed I

have a tomorrow

for them.

Who is oblivious?

Me or


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Anupam Singh (BDS, PU Campus)

Anupam Singh (BDS, PU Campus)

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