November 2015



Scorpio season is here ! The stars are now in perfect alignment to provide you with truck loads of nothingatall ! Make full use of this Scorpio !  Show them what you’re made of .

Emoji for the week: ?


I see dark clouds hovering over you dear Sagittarius. This could mean serious trouble . I know because I umm saw some stars change umm some pattern . I mean I just know okay . Trust me . Take care .

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Exams are just around the corner . What you need right now is a bout of luck . Padhai se Kuch nahi Hoga ! You should spend atleast 6 hours a day praying to the almighty Internet so that it works in the exam hall .

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Like posts in your newsfeed that say “1like= 1 prayer” or  “Facebook donates 1$ for every like” because for you “1 like = 1 hour of good luck”

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Have you found that fish joint yet ? No ? Then find it ! Yes? Continue eating !

Emoji for the week: ?


Its’s time to fulfil your destiny . You are a Natural Detective , Aries .You are so good at spying on your boyfriend ! I mean you can dig up shit from like years ago ! So make better use of these skills !

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You are represented by a bull right ? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL . Wonder why ? Anything to do with that short temper ?

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The love of your life is on its way to finally get to you . To ensure its delivery , I suggest the sacrifice of two whole chickens . Preferable Tandoori . Or Afghani . I am flexible.

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Haaaaaaaaaaaave you heard of Justin Beiber  ? Ofcourse you have ! Have you heard his new single What do you mean ? Binge listen to that song for a week for good luck . Yes . It will work . Undoubtedly.

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Don’t let them in, don’t let them see .Be the good Lion you are meant to be . Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.

Let it go, let it go! Don’t hold it back anymore. Let it go , Let it gooooo !Uh okay I got carried away .

Emoji for the week: ?


I think it’s time to take a weekend trip to some place . Alone . To you know unwind.( and to spare people all the stress that you cause them )

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It’s time to step down from the pedestal .Libra season is over ! Yeaaaaa Bitches ! Let other people take the limelight for a change now .

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