#NotHerFault: A Night of Shame


When I first heard the term, I simply couldn’t comprehend it. I mean, last time I checked, we definitely were part of a civilised society. Then how come we still get to read about incidents like ‘mass molestation’? How come we still wake up to bone chilling horrors taking place with girls across the country? But worst of all, how come we’ve learnt to be okay with it?

When the whole nation was busy welcoming the new year on the night of the New Year’s Eve, Bengaluru witnessed an incident which can only be termed ‘barbaric’. Amidst all the ‘police reinforcements’, men roamed the streets like animals looking for prey, harassing and assaulting the women who’d gathered out to welcome the new year. Sitting here, we could only imagine what those women went through, trying to dodge those out of control men at each step.

The most shocking part of the incident comes in the form of a video that shows a woman being harassed just 50 meters from her house. If even that is unsafe, then I truly don’t know what ‘safe’ means anymore. On top of all that are the highly ‘enlightening’ remarks of some of our politicians. According to them, “these things do happen” and “women must not step out of their place at night.” So basically, things like harassment and molestation are quite ordinary and could be prevented if women just stayed cooped up in their homes at all times?

The very fact that some people still have such regressive mentality is a matter of concern for our nation. Nothing will and can change until these people realise, that no, a girl’s clothes are not an invitation to grope her and her stepping out late at night is not an opportunity to molest her. Even after all the cries of outrage, some men decided that their own personal egos were much bigger than everything else and hence trended the #NotAllMen tag. Yes of course we know that all men are not like that but is that so much more important than the security and privacy of women? Is that so important to point out when they could have actually been doing something in order to help women?

One of the safest cities in India, on one of the happiest nights of the year, witnessed an act of animalistic violence against women. The only day darker than that would be when we get used to all this. And pray for our souls that such a day comes when we are no longer horrified and outraged. Because for all those who believe those women ‘had it coming’ , all these things do not just happen and no woman should ever get used to being harassed.

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Aru Goel (BDS, PU Campus)

Aru Goel (BDS, PU Campus)

A dentist in the making at HSJ Institute. If I could make a fortune out of reading books, that’s what I’d be doing right now ! A die hard romantic at heart, huge foodie and dreamer of a thousand dreams… 


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