Not All SuperHeroes Wear Capes!


My hope is that by the end of my article, people feel more inspired to use the best of who they are and what they have to make a positive contribution. The topic of my content is that not all superheroes wear capes. It’s not an original point, but the content is. It just fits right, especially after I speed paint various Superheroes around us — Superman, Batman, Ben10 to name a few.

The phrase has been floating around for decades and is credited to a superhero named Somebody Somewhere- fictionally. Nobody owns it – meaning, we all have an equal share in it. The freedom in having that kind of ownership is that we can add our own interpretation as to what we believe, that quote means to us. So, here is a little bit of my say in this phrase.

The thing about real superheroes is they give people hope and strength in the midst of something that bombards us with fear and tragedy. A real superhero doesn’t wear a cape; rather, they use the best of who they are and what they have to make a positive contribution— for yourself and for the society, as well.

People started lining up to give donations just hours after Kerela floods. Isn’tThat’s huge and heroic?

A real superhero does not necessarily have to rise up from the ashes and lend everything thing they’ve got in an effort to make a positive contribution. A real superhero is everyone who does the seemingly little things, but with an exceptional heart and attitude, with an urge to perfect it, with optimism and with a view of bringing a positive and productive change.

I happen to believe we need more real superheroes in our world – everyday people willing to take extraordinary actions.

“We don’t have to be perfect to be amazing!”

A Real Superhero—— is a young person standing up and raising voice when they see someone being bullied; a co-worker who helps you get stuff done so you can meet a deadline and get home to your family; a person who lets you merge over in traffic; our teachers who make learning fun and achievable; that friend who gives you his/her last penny to help you get by; that sales person who actually cares for you instead of pretending to be nice just to get your business; that receptionist who smiles and makes you feel welcomed; any leader who is personal and asks about your life, family, and goals (if luck favours us someday); any stranger who holds the door open when your hands are full in a mart; that customer service agent who goes two extra miles to fix everything for you; the doctors and nurses who work day in and out, as a team to save lives; the Cops and protective forces who protect our lives daily and the list goes on and on.

It’s super comforting to realise there are real superheroes (without capes, yes) around us, giving us hope and strength to keep acing in life.

These superheroes give us a reason to believe that everything will work fine.

My encouragement to you-you’ve got all the superpowers you need to make a difference. Extend the best of who you are and what you have, and you will make a bigger difference than you can imagine…and THANK YOU, for you too are a Superhero for someone!

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Priyanka Pathak (DAV 10)

An amiable girl who is driven and self motivated. I’m a Civil Services Aspirant and want to share my thoughts and ideas to the world through words.I love reading books besides listening to music and savouring my taste buds with good food.Family is everything for me and I totally love Writing and Orating my views to the society.



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