Not all men are dogs!


मर्द ko dard nahi hota is a common dictum, but hamare pass bhi dil hai, hame bhi dard hota hai, dil hamara bhi toot ta hai.”

If the song, “Laila teri le legi” was written by a man, so was “Aapki nazron ne samjha”. It all depends on what side of the coin you want to focus on. If there are rapists, there is also someone who shows chivalry and pulls the chair out for you; if there are stalkers, there are also men who handle all your tantrums and mood swings in those days of the month; if there are dowry-demanding men, there is also someone who fulfills your craving for an ice cream at midnight, or looks through your soul in a starry night at a romantic candle-light dinner.

A friend of mine said, “All men are dogs. All the men I dated, only wanted to get between my legs.” I mean, how many men have you dated? Maybe, a 100! But don’t forget that out of those 100, there would have been at least one whose heart you broke for ‘that someone better’. Isn’t it true, that in today’s world of materialism, a woman wants a man’s company only when he owns it. For it’s so easy to make a man fall in love with you, you look into his eyes and say the 3 magical words, ‘I LOVE YOU’!

Even if I agree to what women call us-‘lusty’, are all the men you live with the same? You live with your father, your brother, your boyfriend, your male best friend, are they all dogs? Do they all want to just get you in bed? Or ogle you?

Just the way not all women are bitches, all men aren’t dogs too. Then why this treatment to the male gender? If a woman enters the general train compartment, there will be many eyes and hands ready to molest her; but then there will be that man who gets up and offers his seat to her, tired as he would be, but still respecting his mom’s values. But God forbid a man enters a women’s compartment, he is beaten and thrashed, without realizing that like his female counterpart even he can make mistakes. Just because male-rapes and male-molestation cases by females or fake dowry cases are less talked about, because of the so called man’s machoism, it doesn’t mean that such incidents don’t exist!

I don’t understand the common misconception that states how all men are jerks, only want sex and will always break your heart. Ladies, there are certain men out there who are emotional about it as well. For us to connect sexually with a woman, we need to be emotionally connected to you too.

I have seen many men capable of great love but being hurt by women; who even when at fault, were never blamed ‘because men are jerks.’ Women are as much at fault, not always being the damsels-in-distress in a relation. There have been countless incidents when a man loving his lady with all his soul, was so badly hurt that he ended his life.

So why is it that men are always the ones labelled wrong, when the equal number of women are at fault for cheating. If we compliment you, we are jerks and desperate, but you compliment us and you are genuine? Equal rights ladies!

A relation breaks, no one cares about the man besides his best friends, but for a woman there is a line to console, as she can never be at fault? Why? How do you know that she isn’t Phoolan Devi, the dacoit, when she acts as the pure soul goddess who isn’t to be blamed?

Why is it a gentle-man, but just a woman? Trust me, I guarantee, not all men are dogs! Give us a chance and stop demonizing us under the shade of feminism.

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