“No Peer” Pressure


On the first day of your college, you are really excited, enthusiastic and scared as to what is going to happen next. After two years of extensive studies on your bean bag in your room, you are going through so many emotions all at once. You recall all those cheesy movies you have seen about college friends and how they stay on for a lifetime. Deep down in your mind you have come to college for such everlasting friendships, some crazy memories which being in school you couldn’t make. To make a set of friends that will tease you with crazy names in middle of a class, that will wipe your tears when you go through a bad breakup and conspire evil against your ex, that will give you their notes before exams and say,”AB TOH PADHLE FAIL HO JAYEGI!”, a set of friends that will be dancing at your wedding like retards! and will be warning your husband on your wedding day not to do any harm to you or they would murder him, a set of friends who would be standing and laughing at your grave saying, “this girl died in a dramatic way too, the way she was in class” as tears roll of their eyes. Such friends, great friendships, a fresh start, to right what you did wrong in your school life.


REALITY CHECK: You are lonely, have no peer group.

This article is not about everlasting friendship and crazy friends, it’s about that small lot of people who fail to make up a peer group and suffer “NO PEER” pressure, this term really fascinates me, it’s a word play created by me, I realized just by changing the spacing between words I came across a different scenario we usually neglect because we are so busy buying makeup to satisfy the “PEER PRESURE” we face in college. Look around in your class, you will find somebody who sits lonely on a bench wishing on the stars that somebody comes and sits next to them, who roams around here and there in lunch hour because he or she doesn’t have friends to share lunch with. That guy or girl who smiles at everybody that passes by and is with everybody and still with none. This article is for all those people, whose college life turned exactly opposite to what I mentioned in the first paragraph. It is not that they haven’t tried hard to fit in or be a part of a peer group, they did  their efforts, it is just that their efforts were not sufficient enough to make them get into one of those groups, this doesn’t make them any less than others and I don’t want you to think less of them, it’s just that early on they thought college was supposed to be about togetherness and when they realized that a peer group was necessary to survive in a college, the train had left the station, they were unable to match their frequencies with other people. Now all they can do is be envy of the prevailing group, they could try to fit in to one of the groups but you will be  ‘invading their privacy’ according to them.


Is it too late?

Yes,my ‘no peer’ peers you waited too long to realize that you need people around you,that college is not the 9-5 job where you go do your work and come back home,it’s the numerous bunks, crazy birthdays ,games of truth and dare,of sitting in the canteen gossiping about other group,and having chai- pakora while you do that.


It’s never too late to start afresh, now that you know what you need, I would suggest you go about making new friends, and try shedding your walls while you go about at it,it doesn’t have to be dozens of friends, that in turn makes you more lonely, a set of 4/5 friends you can hang out with ,take crazy selfies with, share your secrets, your boyfriend problems, talk to them when your mom scolded you and for several other situations when you need someone to hear you out.

All the best!

Stay happy and blessed!

Hope you find your crazy gang.

PS: If you can function being alone, I have no problems with that,  I am my own best friend too, so kudos to you on that!


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